Waving the White Flag? Suicide is Not the Answer!

Waving the White Flag? Suicide is Not the Answer! It has been earth shattering to hear of the larger than normal amount of murder-suicides. In the day in which we live, many are challenged on a number of fronts by so many things. Many of the pretty faces and wonderful smiles that one sees on a daily basis belong to individuals whose minds are being besieged by so many things. Will things get better? Can things get better? Can’t you just make this overwhelming pain stop?

With so many of us facing economic challenges on a daily basis, isn’t it understandable that one would want to wave the white flag and say I’m outta here? Child of God while you may be laboring in the midst of turmoil, God has better days ahead for you. Can you believe the days to come will bring brighter days? Can you trust God in the midst of affliction?

Why can’t God save me like he did the sages of old? Can’t the same God that delivered Daniel from a den of lions, deliver me from a den of liars? Can the God that delivered the 3 Hebrew boys from the fiery furnace, rescue me from financial turmoil that has been turned up 7 times hotter? God is still a deliverer and a way maker! God is not a respecter of persons, so that would mean that what he has done for one he can do for another!

Our God is not dead, and there is absolutely no reason for any believer to throw in the towel. Faith in its essence is seeing what the world can’t see. If we are to walk by faith and not by sight, can we get trapped listening to all of the doom and gloom that so many in the world are spouting out daily? God isn’t fair, but God is Faithful and he will do just what he says. God is our hope even when we are surrounded by hopeless situations. Never wave the white flag! Never give in to the enemy who only seeks to steal, kill, and destroy! Why should we want to throw in the towel when we may have just hit a small bump in the road?

Wouldn’t it be awful for one to head for the bridge, when one was only at a comma instead of a period in one’s life? God has a fitting climax for this thing that you call your life! One night when I was busy studying scripture, I slipped up and read the end of the book! In the end we win! Press on because better days are still to come. Suicide is not the answer! I am firmly taking on the enemy on this one. My brother committed suicide many years back, and the effects of his decision are still painful. His actions left a gaping hole in the hearts of his loved ones. There is nothing at all that is worth taking your life over! There is no temptation taken you, but such that is common to man. Someone has been through what you have been through and made the best of it! You are not a freak of nature, you were not born out of due season. Our God can turn every bruise that you have into a blessing.

Can’t you trust the Lord of all of the worlds to heal you from the pains of this world? Should we abolish all hope, when we serve a God that all hope stems from! Our God holds tomorrow in the palms of his mighty hands, will we believe that he has orchestrated a fitting ending to our life stories? Can’t the God that calmed the seas, calm the tsunami-scale attacks of the enemy on your life? Can the God that flung the cosmos into existence help you with the economic challenges of this day?

There is never ever a valid reason for a believer to wave the white flag, throw in the the towel, or attempt suicide. Depression is aided when one makes it his or her business to walk by sight and not walk by faith! Peter made his great moment as a water walker as long as he kept his eyes on Jesus! Yet, once he took his eyes off the prize he began to sink. This is such an interesting parallel; maybe too many of us are caught up in watching the storms of life, when we should be focusing on the storm chaser! God is bigger than any storm that may be looming in your life! Look to him when you can’t look to any other. He is a spell breaker, he is a way maker, he is light in a horrible place of darkness, and he is the healer of any and every pain that ails you!

Never wave the white flag, when God already has written your deliverance into the script. Wouldn’t it be awful to throw in the towel, when one’s deliverance was only hours away? God has you on his mind, and he has no defeat planned for you! He already has your come from behind victory orchestrated! While others may be throwing in the towel and waving the proverbial white flag over their lives, God has deliverance for any and all that are his! Stay focused on the God that we serve. Stay above the fray that chooses to focus on our many situations and circumstances. We serve a God that is not limited by trying circumstances.

Don’t weary in doing well, and your day of victory is on its way! Don’t slip into a pity party that God usually doesn’t attend any way. Let’s not fall for the enemy’s tricks any more. God called each of us to not only be a conqueror, but he created us to be more than conquerors! Will you trust this God who loves you so much? Can you trust God to allow you to walk in victory? The answers to both of these questions should be a resounding yes! God has so much in store for you! God has the unbelievable and the incredible awaiting you! Just trust God with your pains and just sit back and watch as he applies his healing balm to your hurts!

God is our champion! Your weeping is and was only for a night, in the dawning of the day to come will be the joy that has eluded for what seems to have been a lifetime! I see you in the future and you are looking a whole lot better than you look right now!

Respectfully Submitted,

Pastor Stephen F. Smith


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