Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy this national day of  thanks, but every day with Jesus is a Day of Thanksgiving!

PreachStephen.Com prays that you will have an awesome holiday!



Be Encouraged!

Be Encouraged! Bishop Jerry Maclin powerfully preaches on Why It’s Important to Overcome the Spirit of Discouragement!

This is a good word!

You Are An Achiever!

You Are An Achiever! I am speaking to the achiever in you! You Can Still Accomplish all that you have dreamed of! Your dreams are not dashed, and there is still time on the clock for you to see them come true! Yes “Your Dreams Can Still Come True”! You Can Still Make It To The Winner’s Circle For All To See! God Wouldn’t Have Given You The Dream Unless He Knew That The Fulfillment Of That Dream Already Resided In You! Do It Big!

Your Coach In Christ,

Pastor Stephen F. Smith