Bishop G. E. Patterson Rumours!

Bishop G. E. Patterson has passed away. I have been astonished how the Body of Christ has poured out love for one of the few Generals of our faith. Bishop G. E. Patterson was perhaps the most senior of the African American televangelists as far as being on nationwide television. Bishop Patterson was crying out that “Jesus is a Habit Breaker”, long before Bishop Jakes said “Get Ready, Get Ready, Get Ready”! Bishop G. E. Patterson also cryed out “Be Healed, Be Delivered, and Be Set Free” before Pastor Creflo Dollar proclaimed “I’m Out of Debt My Needs are Met I Got Plenty of More to Lie in Store”. Bishop G. E. Patterson has been on nationwide television for nearly two decades! Bishop told scores of viewers “If you can have it, God can Heal It”, long before many of us got a chance to tell Pastor Jamal Bryant to “Preach Black Man”! He was our standard bearer long before Bishop Eddie L. Long bought his first muscle shirt! Bishop G. E. Patterson preached a simple gospel and he did not pull punches. He did not get carried away with the different whims and waves that the Body of Christ endures. All of America especially Black America should be praying for the many affected by the loss of the man that brought a home cooking style of preaching to each of us every Sunday Morning! What Black Preacher can admit to not stealing a line or two from his sermons? He was my spiritual father and I was blessed to have had the opportunity to interact with the great Bishop G. E. Patterson!

Pastor Stephen F. Smith
Sure House Church, Inc.


Haters in the Church!

Are there any haters in your local assembly?

The Church in Neutral!

Has the church lost it’s momentum that it thrived on in the 90’s and at the initial moments of the new millenium? What do we have to do to regain momentum if so? Are we the Church of Laodecia in Revelations?

God is Coming Back!

We have heard this many times in churches all across the globe, but is anybody paying any real attention to this. I would venture to say that we pay more attention to our weekly dose of  American Idol than we do the battlecry that God is Coming Back! Are you really heeding the call?

Are you a Real Soldier or a Buck Private in the Army of the Lord!

Are we Beetle Baileys or are we Gomer Pyles? We don’t need any more prayer warriors in peaceful times, we don’t need any more evangelists that only give the word to saved folk, we don’t need any more fair weather saints, what we truly need is a lot of true soldiers who are primed to battle the enemy! Are there any real soldiers out there?

Awesome Quote by Robb Thompson!

Restitution Is The Most Vital Ingredient Of Repentance.

There Is No True Repentance Without Heartfelt Restitution.

“For Godly sorrow produces repentance leading to salvation, not to be regretted; but the sorrow of the world produces death.” 2 Corinthians 7:10 (NKJV)


The horrific plight of African-American slaves, the disaster of Native American land treaties, and the degrading internment of Japanese American families all have one thing in common—the valid need of restitution. Whenever we do wrong, guilt remains until there is a wholehearted attempt at restitution. Guilt doesn’t depart when the people we have wronged leave; it stays until we humble ourselves to make restitution.

Repentance without restitution is nothing more than a futile exercise in smooth talk, words with no backbone. We may try to squirm our way out of the responsibility of restitution by saying, “But I repented for what I did. That person just has not forgiven me.” Nevertheless, there must be some type of restorative process to prove to the person we wronged that Godly sorrow for our sin struck us so deeply that we now are willing to make those changes stick forever.

If we truly repent for what we did, there should be no problem whatsoever going to the person we wronged (every day if necessary), letting them know how much we need their love and acceptance. If we do this, God guarantees our release from guilt and shame.


  Father, I thank You for creating in me a clean heart and renewing a steadfast spirit within me. I choose to bring restitution to every area of my life where I have been wrong.


When You Solve Greater Problems, You Receive Greater Rewards.

“The master said, ‘Well done, my good and faithful servant. You have been faithful in handling this small amount, so now I will give you many more responsibilities.’” Matthew 25:23


It is nine a.m. on Monday morning and the telephones are already buzzing. Clients file in and out of this bustling partnership as if it was the local supermarket, and more communicate through written correspondence and email. On the second floor of this lucrative law firm, a secretary earns $12.00 an hour processing all sorts of legal documents, setting them up by using a certain brand of computer machinery. An attorney in the same office earns $300.00 an hour, arguing in court over a new patent, a rapacious improvement of that same series of high-tech office equipment. Why this seemingly unfair discrepancy? It’s not that the attorney is nicer, better looking, or even smarter than the secretary, or that he is somehow a superior person. It is just that the attorney chooses to solve a greater problem. There’s no doubt about it—the type of problem a person solves for others determines the manner of reward they receive.

In our culture, it is common to expect a raise each year, just like we anticipate Thanksgiving in November, Christmas in December, and New Year’s Day in January. But if an employee truly desires a raise, an employer has the right to ask, “What new kinds of problems are you going to solve for me that warrant more money than you make right now?” As a believer, you must have a ready answer, showing that you are willing to become tangibly more valuable to your employer before you expect a promotion.


  Father, I thank You that I am faithful over little, and You cause me to be faithful over much, and I thank You that You open my eyes to see the great problems I can solve for those above me.

By Robb Thompson