Loving This Thing Called Life!

I have been graveside a lot in the past several months, and I have never felt the need to treasure the moments on this place called Earth as I have lately. The death notices are full of people that have transpired and believe it or not the death notices are no longer just full of those who are 70 or 80. Life is fleeting so we all should live every day to its fullest. If as the Word says we are only a step from death, then why are we not living life to the full. There are people that are dying you with pneumonia that is not connected to any other disease.

Treasure this thing that we call life, for none of us will live forever on this side. God wants us all to live life to the full and we all need to number our days because our best day may be our last! Let’s love this thing call life, because it’s where hope stands tall. As long as one is alive things can change, things can turn, thing can break loose. Look at every morning with zest and attack each day with fervor! Let’s love this thing called life!

Relentless in My Pursuit of Him,

Pastor Stephen F. Smith