Pimps in the Pulpit

I don’t agree with some of the things that are being preached in the Body of Christ. I am against the preaching of fables and the preaching of a watered down gospel. Popcorn and Coke Theology has no place in a day where society faces some many challenges. The Bible is the ultimate Self-Help Guide, but I don’t think I preachers should transform themselves into self-help guides. I don’t think the words of a R. Kelly song should be good sermon material. I also don’t agree with with the gospel of bling. I believe in a God of abundance and I believe in a God who is more than enough, yet I would have to admit that many in the Body of Christ want to ask some of our leaders, “How much is enough”?

I strongly believe that our preachers shouldn’t look like they are clothing castaways, but “Doeboy or Dopeboy Fresh”, and Stunna Style/Diva of the Week Dressing should not be the dress code of the men and women who adorn our pulpits.(In other words your preacher shouldn’t look like, dress like, or mirror the neighborhood drug dealers, rappers, hustlers, and players). The set apart lifestyle should be reflected at all times. However; I feel like websites and forums that always point out wrong in the Body of Christ 24 hours a day will cause many to not hear the message of Christ at all.

Yes, the Lord wants us to sound the alarm, but when an alarm goes off so much day and knight, many tend to stop paying attention to that alarm at all. It would be horrible that when it is really time to sound the greatest alarm of all time, for one to find out his or her voice has been disqualified by the sounding of so many other alarms. Mr. Melvin Jones, who has a blog, Pulpit Pimps, I am not against you, but I am questioning your policy of letting those who love to attack other Christians without ceasing to have so much control of your website. Mr. Jones has a website that has garnered considerable influence on the Internet. I am not totally against the platform or the message of his and many other websites like his that target wrongdoing in the church, but I am against some of their methods. If they change their methods I will boldly proclaim that many more will listen to their message!

Pastor Stephen F. Smith

Sure House Church, Inc.