The Incredible Sacrifice of a Mother! Happy Mother’s Day!

The Incredible Sacrifice of a Mother! I am the offspring of a blended family! I have 2 sisters that together we share the same mother, and via my father were I have several more siblings. Well for the better part of my life I was raised with my sisters! I have a wonderful father who in my teen years started to make money in a big way. He never let me down once he was able to do better, but this is not his day! My mother came to buy a car from me in the early-90’s, so she chose to finance a car, and when I looked at her credit app man years later, I said Momma how did you make it with 3 of us. Here we are and I am now near 30 and I see how much she is making now, and I am blown away because I don’t know how she made it with her current pay, much less what she used to make! I am nearly in tears when I saw what she made and I just didn’t see how she made it! She told me Steve it had to be God! I salute an incredible lady who did without so we could do better!

None of the three of us ever looked like rag mops, and I can’t remember much that we did without. Of course she was often stressed by the burden of raising 3 kids in her home! I am praising God for her every minute! She fusses at me a whole bunch, it comes with the territory and sometimes it gets to me, I am the willing target of her vents! One day it really got to me, and I told my cousin how she was riding me, my cousin said one thing, he shared how he would love to have another opportunity to have his mother fuss at him!

Well that set my priorities in order! That got my head straight! I am the oldest of my mom’s 3 kids, and the only boy so I guess I will always have to shoulder a bit of her load! I have seen this lady work nearly all of her life, and it is my endeavor in the days to come to continue to pay her back for the extreme sacrifice that she made for us. When my mom had me in the late 60’s she had to finish her senior year at night. I am so indebted to a lady that made an extreme sacrifice to make her kids have a better way! I have two wonderful sisters who are good citizens and making strides in the community. Thank God for all of the wonderful individuals that we call mothers!

I would fight a pack of hungry lions for this lady! I was also blessed to have a good stepmother! My wife would fight a pack of wild gorillas for our little ladies! Thank God for sending us mothers! I am praying for all that have lost their mothers! May the Lord apply his healing balm for any and every thing that is hurting you right now and in the days to come! Yes God can replace the space that you have in your heart for your mother that has gone on! Give it to him, and he will help lighten the load of morning your mother! May the Lord’s Love envelop you all weekend! Happy Mother’s Day!

Special Note on This Note: I am saluting all of the wonderful sisters out there regardless of race, creed, nationality that have been called to the awesome office of mother! Thank God to all that have gone to the brink of death, to give others Life! Mothers you are the apple of God’s eye, and certainly you are that most times in the eyes of your children! I salute all of the single moms that are making a better way for their kids! Thank God for the many substitute mothers that have raised kids that they didn’t bear! A salute to those of you who did the job for those that someone else bore! Ups to you too!

Loving God for Sending Good Mothers Our Way,
Pastor Stephen F. Smith