May the Lord Enlarge Your Financial Territory!

May the Lord Enlarge Your Territory! In these turbulent financial times($4.00+ a Gallon Gas Prices), it is my prayer that the Lord will enlarge your financial territory! I am highly cognizant that we are on the cusp of the second coming of Christ, but the Holy Writ records these words, “Occupy Till I Come”-(Do Business Till I Come)! It is not a sin for one to seek for their finances to be blessed when one is living in line with The Word of God!

In the midst of words like recession and depression, God is yet a provider! I pray that financial Increase will be your constant companion! I rebuke the spirit of poverty over your life, and I loose the Spirit of Prosperity over you life, and over your finances!


Bishop George Bloomer

Bishop George Bloomer gives a powerful word on increase!