It’s Time To Sever Some Ties!

Pastor Stephen F. Smith shares from Luke 9 verse 62, in this word from above, “It’s Time To Sever Some Ties”!



Faith Champions-You Can Be A Faith Champion To!

Pastor Stephen F. Smith shares this powerful word from Hebrews 11 verse 2. Pastor Smith exorts all believers to know that they can be a Faith Champion To!

When You Run Out Of Tears!

Pastor Stephen F. Smith shares on David’s decision to ignore devastation, & encourage himself in the Lord his God, after a day where he wept so much, that he lost the power to weep!



There Is A Place Called Heaven!

There Is A Place Called Heaven! Have we forgotten this place? While So Many Are Trying To Have Our Heaven On Earth, There Is A Prepared Place For Prepared People That Is Beyond Any Description That We Can Ever Give It! Oh I Want To Be There!

Gospel Music Is Awesome!

Gospel Music Is Awesome! This song by Byron Cage, Pastor Marvin Winans, and Karen Clark-Sheard is awesome! They are singing Lord You Are Everything To Me!

Simply Awesome!

I’m Encouraged!

I’m Encouraged! The late Minister Thomas Whitfield gave us this hit from yesteryear, the featured soloist is Gwen Morton!

This was my song!

Be Encouraged!

Be Encouraged! Bishop Jerry Maclin powerfully preaches on Why It’s Important to Overcome the Spirit of Discouragement!

This is a good word!