Evangelist Louise Patterson is a Great Woman!

Evangelist Louise Patterson is a Great Woman! Evangelist Louise Patterson served the Temple of Deliverance Church Body in an exemplary manner during my days there. She is a wonderful lady that I will always respect, and look up to. She is deserving of the respect of so many in Christiandom, for sacrificing and allowing so many of us to enjoy the time, and the talents of her late husband, Bishop G. E. Patterson! She was married to an Icon, how can we not respect the extreme sacrifice that she has given over the years?

If she is blessed, shouldn’t she be for living on the front line of ministry with her husband for nearly forty years? The widow of Former Bellevue Pastor Adrian Rogers probably never has to worry about where her next meal is coming from, why are those of the Black Church so inclined to see the widows of Black Preachers suffer? Pastor Rogers’ wife still oversees a ministry that has annual sales of $10 Million a Year, why is there no one saying anything about that?

Why is money only big when it comes to the Black Church? There is practically none that will complain about the widows of Bernie Mac, and Isaac Hayes living well after the deaths of their husbands. Why shouldn’t Mother Patterson not live well, and enjoy the fruits of being married to such a great man and a great businessman who earned most of his income outside of the church?

I support Sister Patterson, and I will always respect her!