Encourage Yourself!

Kim McFarland powerfully sings Encourage Yourself!

Encourage Yourself!

Pastor Stephen F. Smith encourages the Saints to encourage themselves in the Lord as David did in 1st Samuel 30! Correction: At the beginning of this tape I meant to say when David and his men returned from battle to Ziklag! Excuse the faux paus!





Sometimes You Have to Encourage Yourself!

Sometimes You Have to Encourage Yourself!

Encourage Yourself!

There will be Sometimes That You Have to Encourage Yourself!

Sometimes You have to Encourage Yourself!

Sometimes You have to Encourage Yourself!

Stellar Award Winner of 2017?

Should the Lord preclude his coming, and if this wonderful 4 year old is blessed to grow and flourish in the things of God, could this young lady possibly be The Stellar Award Winner of 2017?