Racism in Our Land! Racism in the U. S.! Racism in America!

Racism seems to be permeating throughout the web and throughout our land. I would say at best, race relations in the last several years have become even more strained. Is this what God would desire for those who are his? Can the church be silent about this subject? Why would the church want to remain silent about a subject that is as vitally important as this? The Jena 6 case could be a powderkeg that further alienates many people. It is time for united prayer against The Spirit of Racism in Our Land! It is also time for the church to stop being silent when wrongdoing and injustice are thriving in our land!

Are we more concerned about being politically correct or prophetically correct? Do we care more about posturing than we do about attacking evil? God blessed the Prophets in the Scriptures for taking bold stances. What will he think of this day where few are bold enough to take a stand or a stance against the prevailing spirits of this age? Can we truly say we love God whom we have never seen, when many can’t find love for that brother or sister of another hue or ethnicity that they see every day?

Pastor Stephen F. Smith

Sure House Church, Inc.