No More Nervous Moments!

No More Nervous Moments! It is incredible in the day in which we live to know that there are so many fighting a war on a daily basis with their nerves. This is the age of the prescription drug, Dr. Phil, and any of a number of remedies for the shot nerves of many in this age. My message to those of you that are battling with nerves, twitches, and feeling things crawling on you is that the tormenting fear of the enemy is a trick from the pit!

Some of you are the most beautiful and wonderful people that anyone could ever know. You are valuable and you were created in the very image of God. You are indeed a designer’s original. When the enemy torments you with fear over the things to come, you need to remind him of the things that are to come his way soon. Remind him that a day of reckoning is coming for him soon. God doesn’t want you popping pills, and neither does God want you to cut yourself or pull hairs from your head!

Your nerves need to be introduced to the man who stilled the waters and calmed the seas! There is no fix that you can be in that our God can’t deliver you from! While none of us may know what tomorrow holds, we do know who holds tomorrow! Let’s resist the devil’s evil devices and stop worrying ourselves into a frenzy. Your times and your thing is in the hands of God! Do you trust you bad situation more than you trust your good God? Are you literally going to the betting booths and accepting the line of the odds makers that is predicting that the enemy will win your battle?

Child of God my money is on God! He has never lost a case, lost a battle, or ever had to wave the white flag! I am betting on God, my money’s on God! Betting on our God and having faith in our Omnipotent God is the remedy for the nervous moments that you suffer! Why can’t the God who holds the entire Earth in his hands and created the universe handle your problem? Say it with me no more nervous moments! It is my prayer that you will read the Word and get the revelation that no believer needs to suffer from another nervous moment!

Not another nervous moment! If God isn’t nervous then why should we be? We need to look past our human weaknesses, and look and depend on the power of God!

Relentless in My Pursuit of Him,
Pastor Stephen F. Smith