Only What You Do For Christ Will Last!

Rev. Rance Allen powerfully sings Only What You Do For Christ Will Last!

There is No Way!

There is No Way that we should live without Christ in our life!

Not Your Grandmother’s Church

We are living in a day where new forms of outreach, and the creative arts are being used to reach many for Christ!

Put Your Hands in The Hand!

The late Donnie Hathaway singing, “Put Your Hands in the Hand of the Man”, that man is Jesus Christ! Mr. Hathaway died an unfortunate death, but his gift was definitely evident in this clip. Jesus is the only source of relief for many of us who are living lives under pressure!


There is No Way that You Can Make It!

One can not make it in life without Jesus Christ! Enjoy this clip of a gospel hit from years back!

100% Praise

This is an awesome clip of various praisers who are praising God in the Beauty of Holiness. This is a great clip! I pray that this clip will lead you to refelect on the awesome God that we serve. He is truly Worthy to be Praised!

The Church of God in Christ

The Church of God in Christ has suffered a great loss. The death of Bishop G. E. Patterson was a tremendous blow to millions. Bishop Patterson often called the Church of God in Christ the flagship of the pentecostal experience. One would have to be blind to not see what God has done for the Church of God in Christ. Bishop Patterson’s efforts caused our church to grow and helped to facilitate respect from every corner of mainstream Christianity. Our church has entered it’s 100th year. We will all miss Bishop Patterson greatly, but the Godly values he helped to instill in many members of the Church of God in Christ will not let his passing be the end of such a great church body. Temple of Deliverance COGIC and The Church of God in Christ will flourish because both organizations will follow the Godly example of a man that was always busy following God! If we keep God first on our organizational flow charts both organizations will be around till Jesus comes!