He Will!

Pastor Dennis Martin powerfully preaches,” He Will”, in this 2008 watch night message!

Preach Dennis Preach!

Enjoy the Ministry of Pastor Dennis Martin!

Enjoy the Ministry of Pastor Dennis Martin!

Pastor Dennis Martin Can Preach!

Pastor Dennis Martin Can Preach! There isn’t much left to say after one watches these clips of his preaching. The brother is humble, and it is my prayer that he will soon get his newspaper blessing! My prayer would also include Pastor Martin getting all of the acclaim that he is due!

This is a preaching brother!


The Seriousness of the Hour!

Pastor Dennis Martin preaches on The Seriousness of the Hour in which we now live!

Pastor Martin is quite a preacher!

Go Strengthen Yourself!

Pastor Dennis Martin encourages the Saints of God to Go Strengthen Themselves!

Preach Dennis!

Don’t Be Troubled!

Pastor Dennis Martin preaches Don’t Be Troubled! Pastor Martin is a classic revivalist, and a great evangelist! The brother is a Holiness Preacher through and through!

Preach Dennis Preach! Man, I am going to send an offering on this one! What happened to preaching like this?

Pastor Dennis Martin!

Pastor Dennis Martin is a great preacher! I enjoyed interacting with Pastor Martin back in my Temple of Deliverance days. He definitely preaches Holiness and he preaches as hard as you can find anyone else preaching! Enjoy this great preacher!