It’s Time Out for the Mind Games!

It’s Time Out for the Mind Games! In the Hebrew World of years gone by the word mind was often expressed as heart. Proverbs 4 verse 23 reads as follows Keep thy heart with all diligence for out of it are the issues of life. The word heart here meant mind. This scripture admonishes us to keep our minds with all diligence. This would suggest that keeping one’s mind is work! The mind is the seat of one’s intellect, so we should be on guard for the protection of our minds. This urgent plea in the aforementioned scripture would seem to point out that the key to the man in the mind! So would it infer that whatever captures the mind will capture the man? Wow! Are mind games that strong? Are we sometimes falling victim to those who love to play mind games?

Are there those out there that realize if I capture their mind, then I will have them? If they trap your mind, they will ultimately trap you! Lord please keep our minds and don’t let them fall prey to those who only seek to play mind games! Don’t let someone trap your mind, and then trap you! Saints we all seek to have powerful relationships and great kinship with others, but Saints isn’t it time out for the mind games? My sister or My brother if you are wondering how you got caught in this individual’s trap, it is because that individual first got your mind!

When you allow them to get your mind, the whole enchilada is soon to follow! The next time that someone tries you like that say My God has invested too much in me for me to fall for the mind games! Furthermore, I will not get caught in your trap! The battle is for you mind! As your mind and you thinking goes so will you! Don’t let others take your mind to places that the rest of you dare not go! If the enemy can get you to think “there” , he can get you to go “there!” Preach Steve!

Preaching and Praying to Render Mind Games Powerless,
Pastor Stephen F. Smith