It’s Time to Plan Our Escape!

It’s Time to Plan Our Escape! How many of us are tired of seeing the same old same old? Doesn’t seeing the mundane and the commonplace get to be a drag after a while? It is totally amazing that many of the dreams of conquering the known world that we all fostered in the the days of our youth sometimes gives way to many of the crushing realities that this world heaps upon all of us! However; I submit to you that you were created for so much more. It is time for many of us to start planning our escape from the average and the ordinary! How we can we break out if we don’t have a plan? It’s time to break out from the glass ceilings, mental barriers, generational curses, and anything else that is keeping us from greatness!

We all need to break out from many of the mental prisons that we have been languishing in! God is calling us all to freedom from self-limiting postures and the negative modes of this world. Are you bold enough to join in with a few of us in planning our escapes from the average and the ordinary? Can we trust you to not change on us when we make our move? Can we trust you to not our sabotage our escape? Will you stymie our escape? Will you give others our intentions before we make our move?

My brother and my sister it is high time that many of us start planning our escapes from the average and the ordinary! Well now that we have this settled, let’s start the breakout now! It is insanity to do the same thing over and over and expect different results. So let’s abandon all of the habits that we have that have proven to be fruitless. If we want something that we have never had then we have to start doing somethings that we have never done! Let’s first embrace our right to embrace greatness! God’s placing you in this day, is invitation enough for you to embrace greatness!

You are not what they say you are! You may have done what they say that you have done, but you are not what they say you are! Despite you upbringing, despite the child out of wedlock, despite the divorce, and all of the physical assaults; God is calling you(Yes You!) into greatness! You may have always been the last one picked in nearly every endeavor that you may have participated in, but do you remember hearing of a day when the last became first?

All of the enemy’s wardens and prison guards in the realm of doubt and fear are all not wary of our plans. They have held some of us prisoners for so long! Keep it on the hush, but we are making our move right now! Break Out! Kick the doors of greatness in! Move further than all of those who have labeled you with horrible epitaphs thought that you could! Move now our get away vehicle is warming up outside! The get away vehicle of sheer greatness is waiting for us! Don’t look back! Move ahead as fast as you can! Break out! Break Free!

Push, Push, Push! We are finally getting out of the boxes that some of us have been trapped in for ages! Run for your life! Run for your family! Run until you find the greatness that God has called you to! It’s time to leave our wicked taskmasters! Run until your dreams come true! OK, now we have to scale the wall in the yard of limitations, go on and climb the wall so we can get to the greatness that is waiting!

We are going to make it! The enemy can’t capture us as long as we keep moving forward! Life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, joy, and God’s very best are all waiting for us to plan our escapes from the average and the ordinary! Embrace the new found freedom that you have, and I will see you at the top!

Respectfully Submitted,
Pastor Stephen F. Smith