Nuggets For A Powerful Palm Sunday!

Nuggets For A Powerful Palm Sunday!

Nugget #1-“And When He Was Come Into Jerusalem, All The City Was “Moved”, Saying, Who Is This? “Voices In The Crowd” Said “This Is Jesus, the prophet of Nazareth of Galilee”. This City Was Moved As If An Earthquake Had Hit! Jesus’ Arrival Was Dramatic & Caused A Great Commotion, As His Arrival Into Your Life & Circumstances Would Be! Enjoy This Palm Sunday & Remember He Is Still The One That Can “Move” A City, Even Yours!

Nugget #2-I Am Sending Up My “Hosanna”! “Hosanna” Means Save Now! This is nearly always a cry from the oppressed, or people in need of deliverance! I would surmise that we all need to be delivered from something! We might not need deliverance in the same areas, but we all have some situation where we need to send up a Hosanna! Lord Deliver & Save Us Now! Hosanna In The Highest! Save Now I Beseech Thee! Send Now Prosperity!

Important Note On Prosperity-Prosperity Is Not Just Money! You Can Have Tons Of Money & Be On Your Deathbed, & Very Few Would Call You Prosperous! Prosperity Is A State Of Well Being! May It Be Well In Your Life!

Nugget #3-After Jesus’s Triumphant Entry Into The City, The Entire City Was Moved! This city was moved like an earthquake by those extolling who Jesus was & the greatness that He represented! A few days later, only a few would come to His defense! Don’t be swayed by folks that make a “bunch of noise” about U! They Can Flip On U In Just A Few Days! If They Did It To Him, They Will Surely Do It To U! Weather-Test Your Friends! Friends Are For Storms Silly Rabbit!

Pastor Stephen F. Smith


Preach Stephen.Com’s Word For The Day!

Sometimes God Allows Your Enemies First Blood! Should you be so focused on who got in the first punch, when God has guaranteed you victory? In Sports Winning The First Quarter, & Losing The Next Three Usually Means That You Lost The Game! It’s The One That’s On Top At The End Of The Game That Wins The Prize! They Got You First, But God Has Saved Your Victory For Last & To Last! In The End We Win!

Pastor Stephen F. Smith

Astrology & Holiness Don’t Mix!

Astrology & Holiness Don’t Mix! Could many in the church be putting much more energy into seeing what their sign has in store for them for the day, rather than seeing what God has for them for the day in His Word? I am sorry, but I can’t see my putting as much stock in being an Aries over “Being Covered By The Blood”! So Saints it’s time to choose The Stars, or choose “The Star”! I Will Serve The Lord & Him Only! I will do an exhaustive piece on this lafter!

Pastor Stephen F. Smith

Enjoy These Monday Power Nuggets!

Enjoy These Monday Power Nuggets!

Nugget #1-You Can’t Take Everyone Into Your Next Level! If You Want To Move On Into The Things Of God, Keep You A Box Of Kleenex Nearby! There will be many folks that will leave your life! Sometimes they are the “weight” that you need to shed, for your ship to take off! Everyone Can’t Go Higher With You! Is It Worth Staying Low To Maintain Associates & Friends? Heavens No! Soar! Transcend! Breakthrough! You Can Still Win!

Nugget #2-Now God You Are Using Them A Little Too Much! This is what many of your old buddies & pals that know the dirt on you are going back & forth with God about! They are trying to figure out how God can mightily use someone with your “track record”! Well folks God came to Heal You From Your Past, Enhance Your Present, & Bless Your Future! Thank God That His Background Checks Are Graded On A Curve Called Grace!

Nugget #3-God Has A Masterful Comeback Planned For You! Being the low man, or woman on the Totem Pole can be a good excuse only for so long! God can lift you from any depth, and He can help you overcome any struggle that you may be wrestling with! Your Comeback Will Be Televised! A Real Comeback Isn’t Real, Unless The Whole World Notices & Talks About It! A True Comeback Will Surely Get Folks Talking! I Feel Your Comeback Now!

Nugget #4-I’ll Miss You, But I Am Moving On Any Way! This should be the swan song that you sing to all those folks that you have known for ages, but they don’t want you to move ahead! There is no need to dislike or hate them, but there is a call that you have to fulfill that you can’t let others refute! You May Miss Them, But Don’t Miss The Awesome Call On Your Life By Missing Them! Tell Them Love Ya, But I’m Pushing On!

Nugget #5-You Can Only Stay Hurt For So Long! I know the hurt is hard to let go, but you must let it go! Holding on to that pain, makes you relive these events time & again! While You May Have Been Victimized By Another, You Were Not Created To Be A Victim! You Were Created To Be A Victor! Don’t Let Pain Keep You On The Sidelines! God Will Turn Your Pains & Pressures Into Power!

Nugget #6-God Heal Us All Of Our Possibility Blindness! This Type Of Blindness Only Sees The Overwhelming Forces Of The Enemy! Lord We Need This Healing For Us To Truly Realize That We As Believers Enter No Battle At A Deficit! There Is Always More With “Us”, Than With “Them”! With God You Are Never Outnumbered, Outmanned, Or Outdone! Look Out & See The Many Possibilities That Are On Their Way To You! See That You Will Win!

Nugget #7-God Has The Cure For Your Famine! There isn’t a recession, depression, or oppression that our God doesn’t have the answer for! He Can Provide Us All With A Feast In The Midst Of Famine! While others & institutions are growing broke by the minute, our God can cause us to flourish in the midst of famine! The Famine Can’t Stop “Your Thing” From Happening! It Might Prolong It, But It Can’t Stop It! Blessed Despite Of!

Nugget #8-When The Folks At Your Church See How U Will Blow Up, They Will Be Amazed! Just because you’re not up every week as the regulars are, doesn’t mean that God wasn’t baking up something great to manifest in U! Sometimes those “Stones That The Builders Rejected” Are Found In The Local Church To! Some of the folks that are overlooked in the local church, are destined to be “Cornerstones”! Church Be Careful Who U Reject!

Nugget #9-True Revival Will Rarely Start With “The Church Regulars”! Tradition will hinder this crowd from breaking through on many occasions! Don’t Make God Obedient To Your Traditions! If U Try To, That Will Hinder Revival! For revival to breakout many of the “church regulars” will need to be moved aside! Routine Can Be The Enemy To Your Breakthrough! If It Takes Change For U To Breakthrough, & It Will Oftentimes; Change!

Nugget #10-Prince Charming & Miss Right Are Still Out There, They Just Have Human Flaws! Some of these flaws you will not discover until later, but didn’t they discover some of yours to? There is drama attached to hooking up with any one of us on “The Earth Side Of Things”, But You Can Win This Battle With God On Your Side! Pass On The Fairy Tale, & The Harlequin Romance Types, & Grab Hold Of Who God Has For You!

Nugget #11-There Is A Tendency To Pull Back From Pain In All Of Us! Yet those that would “Reign With Him, Must Also Suffer With Him”! There should be no pain threshold that is so low, that one negates the call that God has on one’s life! Being A Servant Of The Lord Is Not For The Faint-Hearted! You Will Be Hurt Over & Over Again, But It Will All Be Worthwhile! If You Want To Always Avoid Pain, Greatness Will Never Be Yours!

Pastor Stephen F. Smith

Preach Stephen.Com’s Nuggets To Help You Soar!

Enjoy These Nuggets That Can Help Your Rise!

Nugget #1-Now God You Are Using Them A Little Too Much! This is what many of your old buddies & pals that know the dirt on you are going back & forth with God about! They are trying to figure out how God can mightily use someone with your “track record”! Well folks God came to Heal You From Your Past, Enhance Your Present, & Bless Your Future! Thank God That His Background Checks Are Graded On A Curve Called Grace!

Nugget #2-You Can’t Take Everyone Into Your Next Level! If You Want To Move On Into The Things Of God, Keep You A Box Of Kleenex Nearby! There will be many folks that will leave your life! Sometimes they are the “weight” that you need to shed, for your ship to take off! Everyone Can’t Go Higher With You! Is It Worth Staying Low To Maintain Associates & Friends? Heavens No! Soar! Transcend! Breakthrough! You Can Still Win!

Nugget #3-Your Current Status Doesn’t Have To Be Your Permanent Station! Your “Will Be” Should Always Be Greater Than Your “Is”! Just because your are in a mess now, doesn’t mean that you will be in a mess always! “Somebody Felt That”! Day By Day In Every Way God Is Making You Better! The Best Is Yet To Be In Your Life! That Thing That You Are Struggling With Is Only Temporary, But The Greatness To Come For You Will Last!

Nugget #4-I Tried To Set The GPS To Find Out Where God Is Moving, & It Went Haywire Because It Couldn’t Keep Up With “The God That Is There”! God Doesn’t Move! He Shammahs! When You Get There, He Is Already “There”! Abandon your journey to find God in these places where you hear He is moving! God Is Moving In Your Area Code To! Jehovah-Shammah Lives In Your Hood To! He’s Not Only With You, He Is At Your Future Destinations To!

Nugget #5-God Can Heal In The Hood! God Can Work In The Hood! God Can Move In The Hood! Miracles Happen In Miracle Territory, & The Hood Can Be Your Miracle Territory! The Hood Doesn’t Have To Be Your Permanent Locale, If U Don’t Want It To Be, It Can Also Be Your Launching Pad! As For Me, “I Love The Hood”! Your Status Doesn’t Have To Be Your Station! U Can Be An Absolute Winner Anywhere That God Is! God Is Where U Are Now!

Nugget #6-Many Times God Will Boggle The Minds Of “Believers” By Choosing Some For “His Special Use”! I Am So Glad That God Doesn’t Pick Like People Do! Sometimes The One That You Rejected In A Grand Way, Is Exactly The Person That God Has Chose To Use Greatly! God Doesn’t Consult With The Opinions Of The Pack, Nor The Clique When He Decides To Use Someone! Be Careful Who You Throw Away, Because God Might Catch & Elevate Them!

Nugget #7-If You Feel You Were Born On The Wrong Side Of The Tracks, Or Feel Like You Were Born Under A Bad Sign, There Is Hope! You Can Be Born Again! Following Christ Presents A Future Of Promise, & It Negates A Negative Past! No matter how bad your past may have been, “Falling In Love With Jesus Will Present You With New Hopes, New Possibilities, New Dreams, & Make You A New Creature”! Now You Can Kiss Your Past Goodbye!

Nugget #8-One Of My Online Detractors Chastised Me When I Said, God Wants You To Be Exceptional! If she meant as far as accepting God is not only for the exclusive, I would agree! Yet God Has Never Called You To Be A “Sad Sack” In The Kingdom! The Holy Writ Says You Are More Than A Conqueror, Above Only & Never Beneath, Heirs & Joint-Heirs With Christ! The Bible Is Full Of Passages Promoting Exceptional Living For God’s Folks!

Nugget #9-It Is Legal To Think As A Christian! There is a difference between Dogma, & Doctrine! The Pharisees, The Sadducees, The Judaizers, & The Scribes Of Bible Times Were Awesome In The Dogma Department! Jesus Once Spoke Of Many Of These Folks As Those Who Have A Smashing Outer Appearance, Yet Inside Of Them Live Dead Men’s Bones, & All Uncleaness! Those Who Are Dogmatic 24/7 Online, Take Heed Of This!

Nugget #10-Lord, I’m Running Trying To Make 100, Because 991/2 Won’t Do! Close gets you no cigars! Make your run from the Land Of Failure! Exceptional people give their all at all times! This day is calling for you to be exceptional! The World Needs You! Being close to greatness, is not enough in the day in which we now live! God Is Calling You To Be Great! Accept His Call! Greatness Has Your Pin Number! Walk In Greatness Now!

Pastor Stephen F. Smith

Real Talk Nuggets From The Preacher!

Real Talk Nuggets From The Preacher! Enjoy these Real Talk Nuggets From The Preacher!

Nugget #1-“That Was Then, But This Is Now”! People Move On! Yes you once enjoyed many good moments with them, & sometimes even now you sneak a peek at their Facebook Profiles! OH The Way Things Used To Be, “But That Was Then, But This Is Now”! Life goes on even when some don’t decide to move on with you! Kiss The Past Goodbye & Move On! You have survived their departure! There Is Life After Some Folks Leave Your Life!

Nugget #2-I Remember Moving To A New Neighborhood As A Child, It Was So Scary To Be Forced To Meet New People! Yet Over Time, Many Of These Folks Became Like Family To Me! Folks, “Relationships Take Time”! Never forget that! They also take Work! Never stop working on the relationships in your life! All Of Your Relationships Need Time & Work From You, To Keep Them Healthy! Good Relationships Are Priceless!

Nugget #3-When They Talked About You Behind Your Back, God Heard It! So many folks are stressed to the max about people talking about them behind their backs! Consider This! When they do so, you are getting some unpaid PR! You should worry, when they stop talking! Wow That Was For Someone! Let Your Mouse Go & Touch The Screen Now! Oops, I Am Not On Christian Television, “Yet”! A Little Gossip Don’t Stop The Show!

Nugget #4-I See “The Measurement Bar Of Life” Being Used By So Many! So many people judge their lives, by the successes, & failures of others! These people are all affected by a dreaded disease called “Comparisonitis”( Thanks Bishop Hines)! This disease in its mild form can be called “Keeping Up With The Jones”! Yet even in its mild form, It Kills! Be Who God Made You To Be, & Not What He Made The Next Person To Be! Be You!

Pastor Stephen F. Smith

Nuggets To Carry You Through!

Here Are Some Nuggets To Carry You Through!

Nugget #1-Lean On “Him”! That is not talking about your “Boo”, but that is talking about Almighty God! You can count on Him, when you can’t count on anyone Else! He Has Your Back, Your Front, & All Around You Covered! He Can Bring You Safely Through The Storms Of Life! He Is A Storm-Chaser Like No Other! He Will Come Through In …The Clutch! He’s Always Right On Time! You Can Take Your Burdens To Him & Leave Them There!

Nugget #2-I Know It Hurts To Have Haters Without A Cause! It can really bug you to have folks go south on you, when you have done nothing to them! Let them hate! It’s their problem & not yours! Don’t Get Caught Up In Their Madness! “God Has Not Made Their Support Necessary For Your Rise”! Their Opposition Is Meaningless To God! Now You Go On & Rise Any Way! You Have The Necessary Votes To Win! God Voted For You!

Nugget #3-But God I Haven’t Done Anything To These Folks! I Speak & They Don’t Speak Back! I Support Their Causes & They Ignore Me! I Push Their Program & They Act As If I Am Invisible! Lord I Have Done Nothing To These Folks, & As A Matter Of Fact I Have Bent Over Backwards Trying To Help Them! God’s Response: “Welcome To The Land of Favor”! Do you want to fit in, or do you want to be favored?

Nugget #4-When Others See The Promise On Your Life, Some Of Them Will Give You A Hard Way To Go! Promise will often bring out the wolves on you! God never promised that you wouldn’t go through! Those that God greatly used in the Bible, were usually greatly opposed! Don’t let opposition, no matter how awful it may be, stop you an inch short of what God has in store for you! Stop Blaming Haters For Your Lack of Progress! You Can Still Win!

Nugget #5-Every Saint Should Have Some Premature Swag! You Should Exude Confidence Even In Difficult Times! Celebrate What You Are Coming To, & Don’t Sorrow Over What You Are Going Through! Real Faith Amounts To Walking, Talking, & Acting Boldly When The Situation Looks Gloomy! Can You Walk With Swag & No Money In The Current, While Boldy Seeing Prosperity In Your Future? Tomorrow Will Be Greater! Talk, Walk, Think, & Act Like It!

Nugget #6-When God Starts To Break You Out Of The Pack, Some Of The Pack Will Go Salty & Sour On You! Elevation does some crazy things to some folks! If your friends can take you absolutely blowing up with “your history”, then they are really your friends! Very few people can take it when God Transitions You From A “Wanting To Be” To A “You Are All That & A Bag Of Chips”! True Elevation Will Get You Stricken From The Pack!

Nugget #7-When Joseph Revealed Himself To His Brothers, After His Ascent In The Kingdom Of Egypt, They Were Speechless! Here the brother that they had thrown to the dogs, was now the man in charge! I see a day coming soon where God will render your haters speechless on your behalf! The Cat Gets Their Tongue, When God Puts His Super On Your Natural! You Are Mad Because You Think They Don’t Speak! They Can’t Speak!!!!

Nugget #8-Isn’t It Amazing That Even In Your Preliminary Stages Of Your “Come Up”, You Will Garner Haters As If You Have Already Arrived? Could It Be That Your Haters See In You What You Don’t See In Yourself? Haters Think Small! They Always Believe That Your Ascent Will Take Something From Them, Or Steal The Spotlight From Them! Tell Them Don’t Get Mad At You Their beef is with God! God Will Bless Whom He Wants When He Wants!

Nugget #9-When You Walk With The Favor Of God Upon You, Don’t Expect Everyone To Sing Your Praises! Some folks will not like you, because they see that God’s Hands are firmly upon you! Tell Your Haters That Your Light Will Continue To Shine! They Are Mad Because God Has Decided To Put You In The Spotlight, & Bless You Real Good! Your enemies are wasting time tryin to hold you back! Your Rise Is Already On God’s Books!

Pastor Stephen F. Smith