Nuggets For A Powerful Palm Sunday!

Nuggets For A Powerful Palm Sunday!

Nugget #1-“And When He Was Come Into Jerusalem, All The City Was “Moved”, Saying, Who Is This? “Voices In The Crowd” Said “This Is Jesus, the prophet of Nazareth of Galilee”. This City Was Moved As If An Earthquake Had Hit! Jesus’ Arrival Was Dramatic & Caused A Great Commotion, As His Arrival Into Your Life & Circumstances Would Be! Enjoy This Palm Sunday & Remember He Is Still The One That Can “Move” A City, Even Yours!

Nugget #2-I Am Sending Up My “Hosanna”! “Hosanna” Means Save Now! This is nearly always a cry from the oppressed, or people in need of deliverance! I would surmise that we all need to be delivered from something! We might not need deliverance in the same areas, but we all have some situation where we need to send up a Hosanna! Lord Deliver & Save Us Now! Hosanna In The Highest! Save Now I Beseech Thee! Send Now Prosperity!

Important Note On Prosperity-Prosperity Is Not Just Money! You Can Have Tons Of Money & Be On Your Deathbed, & Very Few Would Call You Prosperous! Prosperity Is A State Of Well Being! May It Be Well In Your Life!

Nugget #3-After Jesus’s Triumphant Entry Into The City, The Entire City Was Moved! This city was moved like an earthquake by those extolling who Jesus was & the greatness that He represented! A few days later, only a few would come to His defense! Don’t be swayed by folks that make a “bunch of noise” about U! They Can Flip On U In Just A Few Days! If They Did It To Him, They Will Surely Do It To U! Weather-Test Your Friends! Friends Are For Storms Silly Rabbit!

Pastor Stephen F. Smith