The Mark of the Beast?

Well maybe your old preacher and your old Sunday School Teacher had it right. The Bible is being played out here. What do you think of this video on the mark of the beast? Well, I think we should spend more time reading our Bibles. I once said in a message that every day that one walks out of the front door, that one would see a little bit more of the Book of Revelations coming to pass! Whether one believes this video or not, as the scriptures state, I feel like it is high time for all believers to awake out of sleep. Are we seeing the Book of Revelation coming to pass? What’s your take?


Is the Black Church Still an Agent of Change?

The Black Church has always been an agent of change in the Black community. Many of the strides that we have made as a people has come from the power of the black Church. Many of our institutions of higher learning, our politicians, our entertainers, and our civil rights movements all had their genesis in the Black Church. The Black Church has been the one institution in the Black Community that has weathered the storms of racial inequality, prejudice, socioeconomic ills, and the harsh winds of racial hatred. I applaud the Black Church yet I am concerned about the new waves that are coming through our churches. In our attempt to do what others are doing, we are now adopting the styles and methods of the seeker sensitive churches. Perphaps, the Purpose Driven Agenda doesn’t mesh with all the churches of our community and our demographic. Every church in the black community has not been called to be a megachurch. I am not megachurch bashing for I am a product of a megachurch. Yet, I feel like the bigger is better movement has swept the Black Church. Sure, God wants all of our houses of worship full, but I don’t believe that he would agree with all of our methods. If an evangelist preaches a hard word against sin, he will not be one of the most sought after conference speakers around. We all want to hear how we are going to be blessed. I wholeheartedly believe that God wants his children to be blessed, but not at the cost of us running after other Gods. The god of mammon has permeated the black church to the extent that we will spend 45 minutes on an offering that was preceded by a 2 minute Altar Call. Where are we going? Have we all been lulled into complacency and a self satisfied slumber? Are we at ease in Zion? What can we do in order to get the Black Church, the Church that I love and cherish back to it’s place as the premier agent of change in the Black Community? Would we need to march and picket as much, if more of us would get on our knees and pray?

Guest Columnist,

Pastor Stephen F. Smith

Sure House Church, Inc.

Motivation from the Word

In the midst of so many motivational speakers that are dotting the landscape of the corporate world, there is hardly any motivation like motivational words from the word. Do you agree?

The Pentecostal Church

Is there anything like the pentecostal church? I love my denomination, which is the Church of God in Christ. I am pentecostal and proud. Here’s a video clip of me preaching at 2 separate pentecostal churches.

What are You Hearing in This Hour?

This video by Bishop Veron Ashe chronicles what he is hearing for this hour for the church. It is quite insightful and it gives a take on the church of today. What do you think?

What’s Your Opinion on Denominations?

What do you think of denominations?

Is God Being Two-Timed and Cheated On?

The Church is the Bride of Christ, which leads me to pose several questions about the Body of Christ in these last days. Has the Church as the Bride of Christ been unfaithful? Has today’s Church much like many of the nations that are chronicled in The Old Testament gone awhoring after other Gods? Has the “god of this world” blinded the minds of those in the body Of Christ? I submit to you that the Church has not been in a monogamous relationship with our Heavenly Father. Our relationship with God is limited to whatever time we have left after we do our thing. We run after the gods of wealth and prosperity with such reckless abandon that one would believe that we actually believe that old addage that he who has the most gold rules. This generation of the Church can’t become exactly like the church of Laodecia. Are we hot or cold in our pursuit of seeker sensitive church programs? Let’s all return wholeheartedly back to our first love and love our God not because of what he can do for us, but for who he is. Let’s love our God like the old song said because he first loved us!