There Is A Place Called Heaven!

There Is A Place Called Heaven! Have we forgotten this place? While So Many Are Trying To Have Our Heaven On Earth, There Is A Prepared Place For Prepared People That Is Beyond Any Description That We Can Ever Give It! Oh I Want To Be There!


Preach Stephen.Com’s Words For The Day!

Enjoy these Nuggets From Above!

Nugget #1-There Is An Anointing In Getting Back Back Up! In The Christian World, We Now Have So Many New Titles That Spring Up Every Month! I Propose Some New Ones! How About “Bishop Of Getting Back Up”, “Prophet Of Getting Back Up”, “Choir Director Of Getting Back Up”! Folks long after your titles have faded away, U will be remembered for what U came back from! History Bests Records Those Who Came Back From Many Adversities!

Nugget #2-Are You Living A Life In The Shadows? Now This One Isn’t For Everyone, But It Is Definitely For Some! God Is Alive In That Shadow World That You Are In! While So Many May Not Know, God Knows! God Can Deliver You From The Shadow World That You Have Found Yourself In! The Words “Secret” & “Undercover” Never Applies To A  God That Is Omniscient & Omnipresent! God Knows & God Can Bring You Out Of Whatever You Are In!

Nugget #3-God’s About To Move You To The Front Of The Line! It’s Been A Long Time Coming, But Your Change Is Poised To Come! Your Laboring In “The Land Of Well-Doing” Has Been Quite A Ride, But It Will Prove Worthwhile! God Is Going To Take You From The Background To The Forefront! I Hear A Voice From On High & That Voice Is Saying “You Are Next”! God Has Just Called Your Number! It’s Your Time To Shine! God Has Picked You!

Nugget #4-I Am Speaking To “The Giant-Killer” In You! Much Like David, All Of The Odds-Makers Are Betting Against You, But You Have Been Chosen To Kill Some Of The Giants Of Our Day! Yes Little Old You Will Bring That Giant Down! Small Things Become Much When They Are Put In The Master’s Hand For His Use! You Can Conquer That Giant! You Can Do What Others Think Is Impossible! God Has You Besting Those Giants In An Awesome Way!

Pastor Stephen F. Smith

Preach Stephen.Com’s Word For The Day!

Worrying Is Paying For Tomorrow’s Troubles Today! Aren’t The Troubles Of Today Expensive Enough, Without Adding More To Your Mental Bill? Don’t Be So Quick To Pay For Tomorrow’s Troubles, You Have Enough To Pay With Today’s! You Are Dealing With Enough On A Daily Basis, That You Don’t Need To Add Anything Else To Your Load! No Worrying! I Feel A “Hakuna Matata” Praise Break Coming On!

Pastor Stephen F. Smith

Preach Stephen.Com’s Word For The Day!

I Am Sorry I Have Been Away! I Won’t Neglect Posting Here Again, If It Is At All Possible!

Preach Stephen.Com’s Word For The Day:

God Can Use What You Have Left! He Promised You Beauty For Ashes! He can take the leftover pieces of your life, & make your life great! He is the God that can make something out of the “residue” called your life! I see a day soon where God is going to call you to the front of the line! This Word Is For All That Feel That They Are In A Leftover, Or Overlooked State! God Can Take Your Little Bit & Make It Great!

Pastor Stephen F. Smith

Happy Resurrection Sunday!

Happy Resurrection Sunday! He Is Risen! Christ Is Alive! All Praise Is Due To Jesus Who Wouldn’t Come Down From The Cross Just To Save Himself, But He Decided To Die To Save Both You & Me! He Could Have Cursed The Cross, While It Was Still Just A Tree! He Suffered Greatly For You & Me, But At The End Of The Day, “He Got Up”! Christ Is Risen! He Removed The Sting Of Death, & Robbed Victory From The Grave! Have A Blessed Resurrection Sunday!

Pastor Stephen F. Smith