Questions of the Hour?

Did Pharoh enjoy Moses telling him to let God’s people go? When God sent a deliverer to the oppressed did the oppressors love it? Did the prophets of old speak out against injustice to the leaders of their day? Should an individual who is feeling the foot of oppression on his neck speak out against it?

Should any black preacher preach only politically correct messages? Why should the African American Church remain silent on policies that adversely affect it’s congregants? Should we have Powerless Pulpits in the Black Community?

Should we just preach Peace Peace when there is no Peace? Should we just remain silent and wait on the Faith-Based funds promised in the last 2 Presidential Elections? Should the sermons in black churches mirror those in mainstream churches across America? Should we just stick to 3 Points and a Poem Messages?

Should we obtain permission to preach on controversial subjects before doing so? Should the traditional media outlets and Hannity The Critic determine what we should preach in our churches? Inquiring minds want to know!


The Next Move of God in America!

The next move of God in this nation will come by demonstration and not by observation! It will come by those who are bold enough to take action, and not by those who choose to sit back and wait and see what is going to happen.The New Living Translation records these words in Ecclesiastes Chapter 11 verse 4 -(If you wait for perfect conditions you won’t get anything done). Do you remember that faith without works is dead? Are we waiting on a Move of God that God is waiting for us to start? Miracles will happen in miracle territory and that territory is not on the couches of the Saints!

Pastor Stephen F. Smith-3-6-07

Sure House Church, Inc.