Where is the Sunday God on the Rest of the Week?

Where is the Sunday God on the Rest of the Week? Isn’t it amazing that after a powerful Sunday of worship where one feels like he or she can literally run through troops and leap over walls that one returns to such a struggle during the work or school week. How do we descend from a powerful mountain of worship to return on many occasions to Hell’s Kitchen? Does God only work on weekends? Where is God during the work week? Can God see what these folks are doing to me? Where is the God of Sunday Morning while I am going through on this week? Doesn’t he see that I am under quota and these folks are talking about getting rid of me? Doesn’t God see all of the stuff going on in my home?

OH Where, OH Where has my Sunday Morning God Gone? How can I be so high on Sunday and yet I am left to be picked up off of the floor for the rest of the week? My brother and my sister we are not to be ignorant to the enemy’s devices. Our persistent enemy will rarely attack you in the midst of all of the Saints. We have an enemy that doesn’t fight fair, and he is always on his mission to steal, kill, and destroy. The enemy will always contest any powerful word that you get. The enemy is always against your kingdom advancement. Yes we do serve a God that is a 24/7 God. As a matter of fact we serve a God that neither slumbers of sleeps.

Yes your God is with you during the rest of the week, but don’t ever think that the enemy is content on allowing you to walk on flowery beds of ease. After securing a God word, expect all of Hell itself to break loose. The enemy doesn’t mind you knowing the word, if he can just keep you from walking in it! Yes the same Sunday God also controls the rest of the week! The enemy will seldom strike you where and when you feel your help. He is coward and will wait until he can tackle you alone!

Relentless in My Pursuit of Him,
Pastor Stephen F. Smith