My Thoughts on Opposition

God greatly uses those who are greatly opposed! Anyone that will be used by God in a great way will be targeted by the enemy and his minions. I have never been afraid of opposition that comes against me when I know that I am right. If one is to become great with God that individual must be delivered from the opinions of mere men! Yes, there are many waves and trends in the Body of Christ that need to be corrected or eradicated altogether. I do not agree with the circus sideshows that some have made of the church. Yet, I will stand by my position that calling preachers names and distributing negative information about ministries all day long is not a productive use of one’s time. Yes God has called some to be watchmen; however I doubt that God has called anyone to spread venom all day long. Jesus called some that were evil in their deeds some names like hypocrites, snakes, fox, and thieves. Jesus also opened blinded eyes, unstopped deaf ears, healed the sick, and raised the dead. He spent the vast majority of his time doing the work of the kingdom and not castigating others. God has called some of us to call for reform in the church, yet I doubt seriously in those calls he did not appoint any to call people back alley or gutter styled names. I am not attacking your platform Mr. Jones(Note-Part-Time Theologian/Owner of a Website that Bashes Preachers All Day Long), but I am attacking the manner in which you carry out your mission. Will unbelievers be swayed by believers who argue like the ruffians in the streets? How can we be so mean spirited when many of us are making it on a wing and a prayer? Have we given up being our brother’s keeper in order to be our brother’s killer? How many reputations and ministries are killed every day by the bloody hands and venomous mouths of some of our brothers in Christ? God has anointed me for a specific work and for a specific cause. God will use those who have the heart of God and not just the sword of God in these last days. We should target apostacy whenever it is found, yet should we never be found calling the unsaved masses to Christ? Has God called some of us to spend all day long being “Fruit Inspectors”? God has commissioned no one to be a ministry critic all day long! I submit to you that those that God has commissioned to be his watchmen will also have his spirit! I am sure of my salvation and I don’t have to pass anyone’s test or criteria concerning my salvation. He’s my God too! In the 23rd Psalm, the psalmist states that he prepareth a table before me in the prescense of my enemies. My enemies are a sign of my coming elevation. All of those who have attacked me just for caring for the Body and loving the Body shouldn’t worry because you all will be invited to God’s coming out party for me! Psalm 126 records a deliverance for Zion that was so special that the heathen nations even stated what God had done for Zion. God can send a deliverance that is so surreal that even a fool couldn’t miss it. I submit to you in that same vein, that God is getting ready to make many of us who labor for his kingdom’s sake the “talk of the town”! God always makes sure that those who are his get the last laugh!