Are You Heeding the Warning Signs?

Are You Heeding the Warning Signs? Pastor Jentezen Franklin preaches a powerful illustrated sermon Warning Signs! Pastor Franklin preaches to the young people at this event in a manner that few can! It is nice to hear old fashioned Holiness Preaching!


Richard Smallwood!

Richard Smallwood gives us another Gospel Classic with his Anthem of Praise!

I’ll Be Thinking of You!

Andrae Crouch has many hits, but one of his greatest ever was I’ll Be Thinking of You!


Pastor Terrance H. Johnson

Enjoy the awesome ministry of Pastor Terrance H. Johnson of Higher Dimensions Church of Houston,Texas!

Higher Dimensions Church Website

I Gotta Feeling Everything Is Going to Be Alright!

The late O’landa Draper and his group The Associates sing their hit I’ve Gotta Feeling!

What Kind of Fool Are You?

What Kind of Fool Are You? I bought this spoken word project by Pastor Iona Locke years ago and I literally played it until it would hardly play anymore!

I’m Still Here! I’m Still Alive!

I’m Still Here! I’m Still Alive! By now everyone knows that I am a fan of Bishop Noel Jones’ Preaching! Well Bishop Jones preaches with power once again in his message I’m Still Here…I’m Still Alive!