Let Them Name It, You Just Walk in It!

Let Them Name It, You Just Walk in It! I have never seen a day where so many are title crazy. I have seen so many who are looking for the next realm in titles, we now have Bishops, Arch-Bishops, and Senior Arch-Bishops. I am looking for potentates and finally and then someone that will call themselves Pope! Yet there are times that others will give us titles to belittle us. I have been an ordained Elder in The Church of God in Christ, Inc. since 1999, yet there are still those who seek to” little boy” me a call me Minister Smith.

I really don’t care what they call me when God is working in my life. I remember well about 3 years back when there was a Jurisdictional Ordination Service in my jurisdiction. I was pushed to the back and I smiled because none , but the Bishop and I knew that I was the Ordination Service Speaker. Well imagine the surprise on all of the big shots faces when I not only spoke, but sent the house into a frenzy?

Peter and John were perceived by the Ecclesiastical Aristocracy of their day as ignorant and unlearned men in Acts Chapter 4. Yet they stood with a man that had been healed from his malady. The Proof is in the pudding! The Big Shots of their day couldn’t deny the notable miracle that had been wrought. Let others name what you do, you just move in the miraculous. While they are naming, God will be moving! Let them name it, You Just Walk in it! A real miracle can’t be refuted! The power of God can’t be denied! Let them name it, you just walk in it! When God really moves it doesn’t matter what they called you before, none can deny the Power of God moving in one’s life!

Respectfully Submitted,
Pastor Stephen F. Smith