Why Was Gospel Today Magazine Sold From Underneath the Counters of Life Way Stores?

Why Was Gospel Today Magazine Sold From Underneath the Counters of Life Way Stores? Life Way Christian Stores pulled Gospel Today Magazine from the racks of several of their stores in Atlanta because the magazine had several female pastors on its cover!

The second clip is done by a sharp brother that goes by the name of Not Your Typical Negro. Get past the moniker and listen to the words of this brother!


Do Women Have the Right to Preach?

Do Women Have the Right to Preach? I don’t have a problem with female preachers and just saying that causes one to experience some of the greatest onslaughts that one can find. God has many anointed ladies that can preach and teach as good as most men. Typically, women are prepared in their messages and less likely than most men to wing it. It is time out for Solidiers in the Army of the Lord to be targeted by friendly fire! Isn’t it amazing that there are churches that will not allow women to speak from the pulpit, yet they will allow sinful politicians that are not living anything to speak from these same pulpits each election season? Things that make you say Hmm! Would the church be the same without the input of women?

Should there be Women Preachers?

Preach Stephen.Com will continue to post clips of women preachers! This has got me my share of attacks, yet as a preacher I am not intimidated by the idea of women preachers. God is definetely using some of the female persuasion in many great ways in this hour! Why is there so much opposition to female preachers? Should one’s call be negated just because of one’s sex? Women have advanced in the marketplace, but have they advanced in the House of God? Some women can preach most men to shame! If some men were not so insecure in their own callings, they would not feel the need to attack the scores of Godly women that preach the gospel so greatly! I am sorry I guess I was supposed to say, that a woman’s place is in the kitchen, in the home, in the pews, or at the offering table right? That is sheer foolishness! Continue to preach my sisters! This brother is not intimidated and I will definitely celebrate you when you excel! Continue to pursue God with excellence my Sisters of the Word!

Your Brother in Christ,

Pastor Stephen F. Smith

Sure House Church, Inc.

Women Preachers?

I took a beating on another website for endorsing Dr. Jackie McCullough. This website is full of self-apointed prophets and better than thou bishops who find fault with anything, and there is virtually noone who can ever appeal to their reason. Do you know anyone like that? I am not afraid to endorse her ministry. She has ran an exemplarary ministry for years. Should she be disqualified from widespread acceptance, which by the way she already has, just because she is a woman? She could preach and teach most men to shame. Why can’t many receive from women preachers? I am sorry, I am not joining the bandwagon of not receiving a rhema word from an individual just because that individual is a woman. Could God have once used an animal to speak a word of correction, and not be able to use a woman in this day to do the same?

Enjoy Dr. Jackie McCullough

Enjoy this wonderful woman of God preaching! She is one of my favorite preachers.