Let Me Talk to You!

Let Me Talk to You! I see another level and another depth that you have yet to tap into! I see you soaring to the heights that many aircraft can’t! I see you so in your zone, that others will want to just bump into you! You have been through a whole lot, but you survived all of the land mines and traps that were set to destroy you! You are valuable, and the centerpiece of God’s Own Private Collection! You are created in the very image and after the likeness of God himself! The day that you were born on this planet, you came here dressed in dominion! You and Dominion are life partners!

While you have had a rocky ride on this side, I will boldly submit that the rocky ride and the pressure has made you better! There is an inner revolution bubbling up inside of you that will leap unto the world stage very soon! Who wouldn’t love you? Who couldn’t love you? Well if they found a way not to, God has an Everlasting Love and Concern For You! You Are A Winner! The Heights Are Yours! Victory is Yours! Greatness is Yours! I see some stupendous days coming your way!

Your Brother,
Pastor Stephen F. Smith