My Take On Whitney Houston’s Death!

Even our icons feel pain. Whitney Houston’s death points out our own vulnerabilities. She touched so many, had incredible talent, great looks, but she wasn’t immune to struggles. God doesn’t create superheroes. We all have kinks & chinks in our respective armors. Despite her struggles & troubles, most of us found a place in our hearts to love her. Maybe we are losing so many much too soon. Some whose names are up in lights & some in our own respective worlds. The fact that one had struggle after struggle, doesn’t negate the love that we have for certain individuals. America & namely most of Black America might as well have been listed in the obit as family. This lady’s struggles didn’t erase the love that so many have had for her. She in essence had become family for so many of us.

Was it the Preacher’s Wife that did it? Was it The Bodyguard Movie? Was it her performance of The Star Spangled Banner? Was it just her voice? Was it the notes that only she could hit? Was it the struggles that she had, like so many in our own families? For whatever reason it may be, Whitney Houston had become family for many of us. My prayer is that God would send you peace after the death of our loved one. May we learn from her struggles. May we learn from this watershed teachable moment. Death has stuck us in the heart, but we serve a God that can make all things work together for our good. Thank you Lord for sending Whitney Houston by our paths. Grace isn’t deserved, but grace is reserved for so many that are victims of others pointing fingers. Whitney Houston I pray discovered the sheer grace of God in her final moments. This is my prayer. Prayerfully she did!

Pastor Stephen F. Smith