Dr. Ray Iglehart

Dr. Rayford T. Iglehart preaches with power in this clip!

Don’t Go to Moab!

Dr. R. A. Williams preaches Don’t Go to Moab! This one is for all of my National Baptist Convention Brothers!

Rev. Marvin Wiley

Rev. Marvin Wiley is one of the up and coming Gospel Preachers on the Evangelistic Circuit!

Unmistaklenly Pentecostal

This choir from Full Gospel Holy Temple in Texas is Unmistaklenly Pentecostal! They are singing powerfully about the Power of the Holy Ghost! I feel the Power in this clip!

Miracle Worker

Pastor Rance Allen sings his trademark Gospel Hit,”Miracle Worker”!

Is Your All on the Altar?

Lashun Pace sings Is Your All on the Altar like very few ever have!

Rev. Dwight Thompson

Rev. Dwight Thompson is one of America’s favorite Pentecostal Evangelists!