Living Above Tabloid Christianity-How to Live Above Slander

I came across a book by Dr. Hartley Ramsey. His book is titled Living above Tabloid Christianity-How to Live above Slander. There has never been a day in the church where there has been so much slandering of the Saints of God by other Saints. I am ordering this book for myself and I should order it for those websites that so often are found practicing Tabloid Christianity. Gossip and backbiting amongst the Saints are one of the enemy’s greatest devices in stopping the move of God. If we are not to be ignorant of the enemy’s devices, then why are we falling for his tricks. If one has to oppose the doctrine of a televangelist, then contact that individual and present your case. I don’t think taking aerial shots of Pastor Creflo Dollar’s home makes any sense at all. Pastor Dollar’s home should be his castle and he should feel comfortable in it. Where were these aerial shots when he was building his ministry. It is senseless for those in the Body to allow personal jealousies and the like to cause us to attack one another publicly. I submit to you that there are more people jealous over what Pastor Dollar has, than those who oppose his doctrine. There are more individuals that want what he has, than there are individuals that totally oppose what he preaches. The enemy has released a spirit of jealousy within our ranks that has never been seen before. Are we becoming Joseph’s brothers that are so jealous of the gift and gifts of others that we can’t speak peacefully about some of our brothers and sisters in Christ? Are we opposing the seats and dominions that others oversee or are we opposing them because they are overseeing what we would like to oversee? Are there Haters in the Church? Who would have thought? I have had more attacks than one can number, yet I realize that if one is to do great things for God, one has to realize that it comes with the territory. I applaud Dr. Ramsey and I hope his insightful work will help the Body of Christ from publishing our own National Christian Enquirer, Christian People Magazine, or any other christian gossip rag in the days to come! We bind the spirit of the Christian Paparazzi! If we find a brother or sister in a fault let’s take it to them before we put it on the national Christian Satellite Gossip Network.