You Are Not Going to Die!

You Are Not Going to Die! Pastor Patrick Wooden who pastors The Upper Room Church of God in Christ in Raleigh, North Carolina preaches with power in this clip!

Shack It Up!

Pastor Patrick Wooden powerfully preaches Shack It Up!

Pastor Wooden is definitely a Holiness Preacher!

Jesus is Still Angry!

Pastor Patrick Wooden is a bright brother and a preacher of Holiness that pulls no punches!

I have heard Pastor Wooden many times, and this is definitely one of the best messages that I have ever heard him deliver! Pastor Wooden will need our prayers because I believe that he will soon be used greatly on the world stage!


Pastor Patrick Wooden

Pastor Patrick Wooden of The Upper Room Church of God in Christ in North Carolina is a profound Bible Teacher!

Enjoy Pastor Patrick Wooden

Pastor Patrick Wooden Pastors The Upper Room Church of God in Christ, of North Carolina is one of the bright up and coming leaders in the Church of God in Christ. He is a staunch advocate of Holiness! Enjoy this Preacher On Demand!

Pastor Patrick Wooden On Demand