Preach Stephen.Com’s Response

Preach Stephen.Com’s response has been phenomenal and we are excited after recording over 10,600+ visits in the last 7 days. We have logged over 132,800 + visits since our launch in late January 2007! Thanks for Your Support and please spread the word that this is a place to get the good news and not the bad news that we hear all the time!


100,000+ Praise Break

Preach Stephen.Com will have it’s 100,000th visitor on today. Here’s our 100,000 visit Praise Break! We did it in 4.5 months. We’ll do the next 100,000 visits in a much shorter time frame!

100,000 Visit Praise Break!

We are excited about our 100,000 visits in a little over 4 months. We are now daily garnering 1400+ visits. Yes,we may take a bashing from lesser blogs, other once popular blogs, and from jealous bloggers, yet I understand that it comes with the territory. We are excited about the response we’ve had and we are including this praise break from Memphis,Tennessee to celebrate it.

Thanks for the Great Response!

Our video clips at Preach Steve.Com has gone over 60,000 viewings and Preach Stephen.Com will pass 100,000 visits in it’s first 4 months this weekend. We will celebrate with a clip of Shouting the Saints which has been received well on Youtube.Com well over 17,500 views in it’s first 4.5 months!