Church Wounds? Hurt in Church?



Do we need to call hundreds of ambulances for the many people around the world who are suffering from church wounds? I have experienced a church wound, and I have to admit that the pain from these wounds are initially very hard to bear. Isn’t it amazing that some of the most vindictive people that you can find anywhere are in the church? One must understand that church for some of us is all that we have, and to experience rejection, hurt, and dismay in one’s only place of safety is devastating to many people. I would submit that many of the mean spirited posts by Christians on the Internet, are from those who have festering church wounds. Many of the vindictive so called Christian Bloggers, Heresy Hunters, and Pulpit Pimp Monitors who post filth, rumours, and innuendos are simply those who have not healed from their church wounds. Is it right to hurt others because you are hurting?
Christians should be strong and vigilant to the attacks of the enemy, yet one would be remiss to not admit that many on the Christian battlefield are injured by friendly fire. Our enemy’s job is made so much easier many times by Christians, who are busy lusting after Positions, Power and Stature in the church to such a degree, that they hurt many others in the process. I am asking for responses from those of you who have suffered a devastating church wound that lead you to seek God for the healing of your church wound. Church wounds, like many other wounds heal over time if treated properly. The only way to treat these wounds properly is to seek God for healing and deliverance from the wound. Please leave your comments to help others who are currently going through the same thing, and to help the Body of Christ in our attempt to limit our losses due to friendly fire!


Hurt in Church!

I would submit that there are literally millions of people that have been wounded mentally or spiritually in The House of God. Isn’t it amazing that one can be hurt in church, which is the last place in the whole world that a believer would expect to suffer an awful injury or indictment at? One could fill any arena in America with those who have been wounded in The House of Grace. I suffered a church wound that hurt so bad that it literally took the better part of a couple of years to heal from. I was reticent to let a lot of church folks to draw near me because of this wound. However; I am trying my best to not let the pain of this former wound keep me from loving individuals that may or may not have the best interest of the church at heart. How you suffered a stinging wound in the Church? The Church of Today is full of so many people with so many different motives. Don’t let the horrible acts of professional church people who are fighting everyone for turf and positions make you miss God! They simply come with the territory. Don’t be an individual that is so hurt, that angry words are the only words that one can say to there other brothers and sisters in Christ! Take this hurt or burden that originated in The House of God and leave it there! God can heal the church wound as he can heal any disease! God Can Heal Your Church Wound! Don’t let the awful actions of others at church in the past make you not believe in the Saints in the present and the future!

Pastor Stephen F. Smith

Sure House Church, Inc.