Thank God We Made It Through 2008!

Thank God We Made It Through 2008! 2008 is in the record books, God has enabled so many of us to make it through an extremely challenging year. Let’s enjoy a prosperous 2009! Pastor Hezekiah Walker and the Love Fellowship Choir powerfully sings We Made It in this clip, which I feel is a fitting tribute to our entry into 2009!


Boy I Loved to Sing This One in The Eighties!

Boy I Loved to Sing This One in The Eighties! The combined choirs of Greater Travelers Rest Baptist Church sings powerfully in this clip which was recorded on Resurrection Sunday 2008!

What a Year 2007 Was!


2007 was a year that had so many challenges for the Saints, it was a year that I will not shed any tears over for it’s passing on. The Ministry Scandals, the death of Bishop G. E. Patterson, and the transitioning of many great leaders of faith shook The Body of Christ in this past year. Let’s pray for a fruitful 2008 for all of the Saints of God!

It’s Your Time!

After a Rocky 2007 for many Believers, we are proclaiming that the year 2008 will be your time!

2008 is The Year of God’s Special Deliverance for You!

2008 is The Year of God’s Special Deliverance for You! Wouldn’t it take a special deliverance to bring some of us out of what we had to endure in 2007? God has an awesome year ahead for The Body of Christ. The Body of Christ took so many punches in 2007 and has had it’s share of black eyes, teary eyes, and weary eyes in this year. However; God will restore all that the enemy has stolen from the Saints of God during this year in the year to come. 2008 will be God’s Year of Special Deliverance for many in The Body of Christ.

It will be the Year that God has you (Yes I Said You) in mind for an awesome deliverance. Isn’t it amazing that sometimes we have shouted so much over the deliverance of others that we sometimes forget that God will deliver us too? The songwriter penned it is no secret what God can do, what he has done for others he will do the same for you. God has a special deliverance in store for you in the year of 2008! A special deliverance is a deliverance that God has with you in mind!

Pastor Stephen F. Smith

Sure House Church, Inc.