Encouraging Others!

I have always been an individual that has loved to see others feel good about themselves. I have never enjoyed seeing others going through tough times. I am just not one that enjoys or relishes seeing others hurt. It is not like I am living in some Nirvana or Utopia where I don’t feel any pain at all on a weekly basis, but I can withstand any enemy onslaught when I know that those around me are feeling well.

Since time and chance will come to all men, one must be mature enough to know that there will be many times when others will seem to thrive when one is going through a literal Hell on Earth. I love seeing others smile, and even when I am going through countless adversities, it makes me feel so good to see others happy. I know that their happiness is not an exclusive, and I realize that good will come back to me.

I simply love people, and I love to see people doing well. I am often amazed how the Internet can be used as an instrument to make others feel bad. With the anonymity of the Web, I have seen many of the most vicious comments and posts left for others. Do some feel like when they bring others down that will make them feel better?

Is making someone else sad and melancholy the order of the day for much of our land? Why can’t we all be in the encouragement business? There is hardly a day that one of us is not in need of encouragement! Join me and let’s make the way of others easier by encouraging them to shoot for the stars! I will see you all at the top!

Relentless in My Pursuit of Him,
Pastor Stephen F. Smith