Pastor Creflo Dollar in Memphis,Tennessee!

Since I have seen so much on the Pulpit Hater’s website over my announcing Pastor Creflo Dollar’s coming to Memphis, Tennessee, I have decided to give a summary of the meeting. The attendance at the night service nearly filled every seat in The Cannon Center, which obviously has to hold at least 5,000 people. There was also a morning service, that I am unsure about it’s attendance. Many churces were represented at this meeting! There were not any long appeals for finance, the offering was taken up quickly. The meeting was enjoyed by the many who attended!

Memphis has not been a stop for many major ministries over the years because of the competetive nature of the Memphis Christian Market. This trend is starting to change with not only Pastor Dollar, but also Pastor Joel Osteen is planning a stop here in the future as seen below.

Joel Osteen-An Evening With Joel-Memphis,Tennessee-April 6, 2007


Creflo Dollar in Memphis,Tennessee!

Creflo Dollar and his Creflo Dollar Ministries will be in Memphis,Tennessee for one of their Change Conventions! View the details below!

Memphis, TN
October 5, 2007


The Cannon Center
255 N. Main Street
Memphis, TN 38103

Speaker Schedule

Speaker Time
Dr. Creflo A. Dollar


10:00 A.M.
7:00 P.M.