Why is There a Dearth of Spiritual Fathers in This Day?

I am going to get in trouble on this one, but there is not enough passing of the torch between one generation to the next. Where the torch was once passed now the preachers that are leaving the scene are gripping their torches so hard that one has to literally pry the torch from their hands. I don’t live in the city that you are from, but I can guarantee that in your city there is a fight between old preachers and the younger preachers! This must be stopped! The older preachers that are leaving the scene can impart needed wisdom and knowledge, and the younger preacher can supply the energy and the drive to bring things to pass!

The Kingdom would be greatly assisted if all of the officers in its army could find common ground enough to be united regardless of what era that they signed up for service! These last have tarried by an hour… Should we be like the workers in the vineyard in the Holy Writ and determine one’s place in the kingdom solely by the time that one signed up for service? Preach Steve!

Relentless in My Pursuit of Him,

Pastor Stephen F. Smith