First Lady Mae Blake!

First Lady Mae Blake continues the wonderful legacy of great COGIC First Ladies as she goes forth before delivering the morning message on Mother’s Day at West Angeles COGIC in Los Angeles, California!

First Lady Blake was no doubt raised in Holiness. She has not allowed her exposure to celebrities at every turn to turn her away from extolling the Lord. She definitely has a seat in society, yet it is wonderful to see that regardless to her husband’s being at the beck and call of Kings, and Presidents that she still values praising God more than having a seat in society! She is a wonderful First Lady for the Church, and she follows the awesome lineage of Mother Louise Patterson. The Church of God in Christ has many reasons to be proud! She represents her husband, and most importantly her God well!


Singing The Old Time Way


Mother Louise Patterson and Bountiful Blessing Ministries, Inc. will record what will probably be the Christian Project of the Year! She will present Singing the Old Time Way, a tribue to the late Bishop G. E. Patterson! This project will be a live recording on Saturday February 23, 2008 at Temple of Deliverance Church of God in Christ in Memphis,Tennessee. The church is now pastored by The Superintendent Milton R. Hawkins. The doors will open at 6 P. M. and this event is free to the public! The following artists are slated to appear Bishop Paul S. Morton, Bishop Larry Trotter, Bishop Albert Jamison, Bishop Edward Stephens, Pastor Rance Allen, Pastor Timothy Wright,Pastor Roney Strong, Pastor Frank E. Ray, Sr. , Beverly Crawford, Rev. Andrew Cheairs, Walter Hawkins, Pastor Timothy Wright, Dottie Peoples, Pastor Willie James Campbell, Edwin Hawkins, Stephanie Bolton, Mose Tyson, Jr., Tiffany Tyson, and other reknown singers! The choir directors will be Barbara Jackson, Kevin Davidson, and Billy Rivers! This is sure to be an awesome project! Click the image above to access the full flyer for this event!

What Has the Bountiful Blessings Broadcasts Meant to You?

Bishop G. E. Patterson’s Broadcasts via his Bountiful Blessings Ministries have been a Sunday Morning Favorite for many Christians. Evangelist Louise Patterson is committed to carrying these broadcasts on despite his recent passing. He was a breath of fresh air amongst many Sunday Morning Broadcasts across Christian Television. What has the Bountiful Blessings Broadcasts Meant to You? We want to hear from you!

Evangelist Louise D. Patterson

Evangelist Louise Patterson, the wife of the Late Bishop G. E. Patterson, is doing a great job of hosting The Bountiful Blessings Program. She is an incredible woman with presence, beauty, and The Holy Ghost! She was my First Lady for years during my time at Temple of Deliverance COGIC in Memphis,Tennessee. I am praying for her during her time of loss and I solicit the prayers of the Entire Church Community for her.I was proud to be a son of the ministry of Temple of Deliverance COGIC.

Sister Patterson represented Bishop Patterson well. She is currently embroiled in some COGIC matters that I will not discuss here, but I am shocked at the level of attack that she has even received from sons of Temple of Deliverance! How could these same individuals attack her, when they borrowed huge sums of money from her husband, and used her husband to get to where they wanted to be? Sister Patterson, I will always be grateful to you for sharing your husband with me! He was an incredible man, and a great father in the faith to many. How could we not honor the wife that this man chose to spend the majority of his life with? We love you Mother Lou!

Mother Louise Patterson

Mother Louise Patterson is a great lady and an anointed vessel who is simply a class act!

Evangelist Louise D. Patterson!

Evangelist Louise D. Patterson was not only the wife of the Late Bishop G. E. Patterson, but an anointed vessel who speaks from the heart! She is a class act and a wonderful Christian who now has the prayers of many in Christiandom!

Bishop G. E. Patterson and Mother Louise Patterson

The late Bishop G. E. Patterson and his wife, Mother Louise Patterson, sing the Old Time Way in the following clips I found.

Clip 1

Clip 2