My Prayers Go Out to The Gwatney Family!

Arkansas Democratic Party Official Bill Gwatney was shot three times by an assailant at the Party’s headquarters in Little Rock. Both Gwatney and the gunman have died.

I worked for the Gwatney Family in the late eighties, and the early nineties. Bill Gwatney was a personable classy guy that it was truly a pleasure to be around. He had just started his political career back in those days. There were so many that had such high hopes for this talented individual! This guy nearly had it all, he was smart, sharp, even tempered, and he had the look, and the swagger of one that was going places. I am sincerely praying for his entire family, it just shows how fleeting life can be at times. One had better have his personal affairs straight with the Heavenly Father at all times, because there is but a step between us and death! This was plain sickening, and horrible! This guy was so brilliant, and he was destined for a higher office. It is my sincere prayer that Mr. Gwatney had a relationship with God, and I would love to one day meet him again inside of Heaven’s Gates! I am earnestly praying for the many loved ones that he leaves behind also! Mr. G. , and Russell I am praying for you!