Praise and Worship Service

A good Praise and Worship Service will set the tone for the rest of the worship service that follows!

The Creative Arts

There has been an explosion of creative arts and creative ministries that are being incorporated in many of the Worship Services in our churches. Just because Big Mama’s church didn’t do it is not an adequate excuse to overlook the impact of some of these creative outreaches that often are a great draw for many young people!


The Mime Ministry!

The Mime Ministry has made it to Pentecost and many of our traditional churches! The Mime Ministry is popular to many of the young people that fill the seats and pews of many of our Churches! Gospel Mimes have now become an accepted part of some of our Worship Services now!

Strictly Pentecostal Worship Services!

Strictly Pentecostal Worship Services by the late Pastor Nathan Simmons and Apostle Richard Henton!