My Perspective on Praising God!

The church has undergone a dramatic change in the last 10-15 years with it’s emphasis on Praise and Worship. Many of the traditional hymns of the church were moved aside for the upbeat jubilant songs of praise that fill our churches and our gospel airwaves. In our halls of faith, we have elimined Devotional Singing by Senior Choir #3 in favor of a bonafide praise and worship team. Our mainline traditional denominations have even adopted expressive worship and praise as a mode of worship. One can hardly tell one reformation from the next when it comes to the level of praise and worship exhibited in our halls of faith. God has brought so many of us from such a long way that it is difficult to not become expressive in our worship of the one and the only true God. Has God done anything great for you? God has brought some of us from the brink of suicide and some of us from the depths of addiction to lead productive lives. How can we not be grateful to one who has done so much for us? Many of us are going through the fiery trials that afflict so many of us who are busy working for the kingdom. One of our enemy’s chief missions is to discourage our willingness to praise God. He does this by reminding many of us of the various afflictions that so many of us have been burdened with throughout our entire lives. He wants us to belive that the only time that we should ever praise God is when everything is all right. Saints, the day when everything is all right will hardly ever come on this side of glory. Many of the heroes of faith in the scriptures labored to praise God even in the darkest of circumstances. They chose to praise God despite their personal harships and challenges. David praised God at times when everything in his world was going wrong. Many Psalms were penned by the hand of one who had undergone so many battles, a man that seemingly was targeted on every side. I would submit that many of those who are living for Christ in this day are confronted daily with subtle and overt reminders that we are in a fight for our very lives. I believe that praising God in the midst of multiple challenges is the highest form of praise that one can give! It is not that hard to praise God when we finally get the newspaper blessing. Namely the new house, the new car, the new man, the new woman, and the other trinkets that this world thinks signify sucess. Who couldn’t praise a God that has rewarded them openly? Yet, I will humbly submit that God is greatly pleased by those of us who can praise him despite our being beset by trouble and hard times. Affliction has been a constant companion to many in the Body of Christ. That Great Getting Up Morning has seemingly been reserved for the halls of Glory for many in The Body of Christ! Yet, I still believe that the redeemed of the Lord should say so. The amount of money that I have or don’t have should not determine the level of praise that I render to a God that breathe into my nostrils the Breath of Life. Please remember that God has kept so many of us from many horrible experiences that could have gone the other way. We all can remember the nights when we were at the wrong place at the wrong time and God still delivered us to tell about these experiences many years later. Many of our lives could have been cut off years ago. Is that not a reason to be thankful for? All of us have not seen our Beverly Hillbillies fantasies come to pass, you know the one that goes” The First Thing that You Know Jed is a Millionaire”. I would submit that many in the Body have not attained millionaire status; however I would submit that many of us have known God as a sustainer. He has taken many of our not enoughs and turned them into more than enoughs! How can we not praise a God like this? We praise the romantic objects of our affection in ways far greater than the praise that we give to a God who laid his life down to die for our sins. Long after your “Boo” was gone, you found out that God was a keeper. He helped keep your mind and he helped keep you from putting a shoe on your head and a hat on your feet. How many times has The King of Kings and The Lord of Lords kept you from going over the edge? My brothers and my sisters I will boldy state that it is the things that God has already done for me that keeps me in a mode of praise and expectancy when I face the future. The same God that delivered me on yesterday is the same God that will deliver me on today and tommorow. Hebrews 13 verse states that “Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever. How should we praise a God that has delivered some of us in the seventies, the eighties, the nineties, and even to this present day? If you can’t praise God for what he has seemingly not done yet, then praise God for what he has already done. We serve a God that never ever fails, and we serve a God that is Truly Worthy to be Praised! What a Mighty God that we serve, Angels Bow Before Him, Heaven and Earth Adore Him. Shouldn’t we adore him? If we can scream loudly for our favorite athletic team, why can’t we scream for the one who saved our souls from Hell, the one who healeth all of our diseases, the one who stickeths closer than any brother, and yes the one who has gone to prepare a place for them that love him. I love God and I am not ashamed to let anyone know it. I am not waiting for the battle to be over, I’m Going to Shout Right Now! I would encourage at this very moment to try a despite praise, a yet praise, a yes I’m back from the dead praise, and even a “even now praise”. Whatever you do, Praise God who is indeed Worthy to be Praised! I Don’t Need No Rocks to Cry Out for me! The late Rev. James Moore will help me emphasize my point in the proceding video clip. He didn’t let blindness keep him from praising God!

Respectfully Submitted,

Pastor Stephen F. Smith

Sure House Church, Inc.