Tell The Devil He Missed Again!

Tell The Devil He Missed Again! The Scriptures state that fear has torment. Can you think of all of the greatest fears that you have had that have never come to pass? Just think of how you thought the enemy would take you down in 1996, 1999, 2004, 2007, and even last week. I am by no means suggesting that believers don’t have their own battle scars, but I am highly cognizant that the enemy has had many of us biting fingernails, and losing hairs over things that have never come to pass!

The enemy has a long track record of successful onslaughts on the people of God, but these instances are far, far outweighed by the enemy’s long line of misses! Touch your neighbor and tell them let the devil know I Got Away! The Devil Missed Again. Many of us still have that which the enemy has had us balled up in a corner fearing that we would lose! Tell the Devil he missed again! Devil You Missed Again! This is a raw deliverance post and is not meant for those that haven’t been through anything!

Stomping on the Devil’s Inaccurate Head,
Pastor Stephen F. Smith