God and the Impossible!

I want to hear from the visitors of this website. Has God Manifested himself to you as a deliverer? Have you been delivered from a seemingly impossible situation? There are literally no impossibilities with God! The Bible contains these words of Christ in the 9th Chapter of the Gospel According to St. Mark, “If thou canst believe all things are possible to him that believeth. Are you overlooking the Himpossible for the Impossible? Your thinking will determine your is and your will be. God can do anything but fail. Stretch your thinking and enlarge the place of your tents! Our thinking should be as large as the God that we serve. Take another look at your  plans and then ask yourself how and what would you plan if you knew you couldn’t fail. Some of our thinking has been way too conservative and we have been so careful to not take risks. Faith is a risk. One will never exhibit faith without one taking risks. All of those in the Hall of Faith in Hebrews 11 took risks. They relied on their and their God only. God is the God that doesn’t submit to impossibilities. God can do it all, take it all, and deliver all. What impossibility have you not given to God?


The Next Move of God in America!

The next move of God in this nation will come by demonstration and not by observation! It will come by those who are bold enough to take action, and not by those who choose to sit back and wait and see what is going to happen.The New Living Translation records these words in Ecclesiastes Chapter 11 verse 4 -(If you wait for perfect conditions you won’t get anything done). Do you remember that faith without works is dead? Are we waiting on a Move of God that God is waiting for us to start? Miracles will happen in miracle territory and that territory is not on the couches of the Saints!

Pastor Stephen F. Smith-3-6-07

Sure House Church, Inc. 

What is God Doing in Your Zip Code?

What moves and miracles are happening in your zip code? What is God doing in your particular area? We serve a God that is not only  omnipresent, but we also serve a God that is ubiquitous. This post can be a great witnessing tool, let’s let the whole world know that our God is still on the throne and our God is still working miracles!