Too Much Megachurch Pride!

While the church used to sing, Lord make me better, now our prayer is Lord make me bigger! I heard another rant from an “arrogant young mega-church preacher”, attacking other preachers who aren’t on his level, or those who don’t have his supposed level of success! Does bigger always mean better? Of course God wants his house full, & God wants us to snatch as many folks as we can into the Kingdom! However; if all of our mega-churches were put together, it wouldn’t nearly equal up to the large group that’s on its way to hell! We need every solider! Big ones! Small ones! Online ones! Small church ones! We even need U! We need all of us! God didn’t call the mega-church to be the “catch all/cure all” for all of the ills of our society! While there’s scandals at churches of every size, the mega-church’s past year leaves somethings to be desired!

One of Bishop G. E. Patterson’s regrets late in life, was building a church so large that he couldn’t totally handle, where he couldn’t always personally touch more individuals! I was there with him & labored under him for 10 years & I have stories that U wouldn’t believe! Now since I’m heading to my late forties, I’ve been around long enough to not get excited about some of the stuff that I see out here(Prophets out for profits, Prophetesses that are “prophet-misses”, & Preachers only preaching what folks want to hear)! Flesh on parade most times! Every now & then, our prayer should be, Lord make me better, because bigger isn’t always it! Kingdom-Effectiveness is a better gauge! Never allow your large church pr team, large church fliers, & thousand seat arenas, get U so far out of touch with God that U feel like God can only use U! To the Black Church Folks-The ills of Black America, haven’t been healed by the rise of the Black Mega-church! As a matter of fact, right across the street from most of them, you’ll find tons of ills! God needs us all, not just the ones that have put their “big” on! Now this is real talk!

Yours In Him,

Pastor Stephen F. Smith


Your Battle WIth Ordinary!

So many of us have an inner inkling that we’ve been created for so much more. Many have never found themselves walking into the purpose that they’ve been called to. It would seem that the enemy daily seeks us to be complacent about living an ordinary life, but you were created for so much more. God placed you here to dominate & subdue the Earth. On every day that you will see, you will have to battle this thing called ordinary, and you’ll have to battle complacency so many times. If we were created in the image of God as the Word of God tells us, then why would we ever settle for ordinary lives? So you have had a battle with trying circumstances, who hasn’t? God created you for so much more. Don’t allow the tough times from your past & present, ruin your dreams for tomorrow.

God created you & God knows that you have dominion all in your DNA. God’s Word warns us about being at ease in Zion. God hates complacency. God feeds off of our faith in Him. How are we showing God that we have faith, when fear tends to dominate so many of God’s children’s lives? Ordinary is a curse in your life. Your faith in an omnipotent God should demand that your reach should go far past that which we would call ordinary. God didn’t create you to just be one of the pack, one of the boys, one of the girls, or one of the crew. God knew that you were fearfully & wondrously made, & He expects so much more from you. One’s true faith in a loving God should demand that we should never settle for ordinary. When the roll call for ordinary is given, you had better not answer present. Never settle for ordinary, when greatness & The Kingdom of God lives inside of you.

Yours In Him,

Pastor Stephen F. Smith

It’s Time To Sever Some Ties!

Pastor Stephen F. Smith shares from Luke 9 verse 62, in this word from above, “It’s Time To Sever Some Ties”!



In the midst of so many overlooking you, God has chosen you! You are God’s Special Pick! Why would God pick you, if He didn’t already know that you were greater than all of your trials? Even when it seems that you don’t fit anywhere Else, you are Chosen By God!

Walking By Faith In Tough Times!

Pastor Stephen F. Smith preaches on 2nd Corinthians Chapter 5 verse 7! Your walk of faith shouldn’t be deterred by all that’s popping off all around U! Faith-Walkers keep their minds tuned to what God has said! Are U going to be moved by how things appear, or are U going to be moved by what God has said?

Torn Between Two Worlds!

Pastor Stephen F. Smith preaches on this morning from James 1 verses 5-8. In this age of double-mindedness, God wants to see those who are singular in their pursuit & in their resolve for Him! While “wishy-washy” has become the order of the day, for so many in God’s House, God is waiting for those who will march & live for Him, regardless! He desires a relentless mindset from those who are His!

You’ve Got To Talk To Yourself!

Pastor Stephen F. Smith preaches on the woman with the issue of blood from St. Matthew 9 verses 20-22! Before she ever attempted to connect with Jesus, “she said within herself”, If I may but touch his garment, I shall be whole. This lady’s faith confession energized her faith! Child of God, there will be many times that you’ll have to talk to yourself! There is an awesome power in faith confessions!