Have You Watched The Rod Parsley Election Special?

Have You Watched The Rod Parsley Election Special? After disappearing from the political scene after John McCain distanced himself from him, Pastor Rod Parsely is back with an special election edition of “Breakthrough” featuring Janet Parshall and Wendy Wright.

I am just baffled by this clip. The woman on this tape said that the other candidate is the enemy. I categorically reject not their position, but I do reject the spirit in which they do it in. There are many Black Church Goers that will be voting for the Democrat in this race that don’t support abortion, or gay marriage. Where are Pastor Parsley’s cries over the devastation of our inner city communities? Does Pastor Parsley feel that The Right Wing has a monopoly on “values”? Pastor Parsley there are millions of black values voters that do not agree with you! I used to enjoy listening to this guy, well those days are now long gone!


Medina Pullings

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