Call On Jesus!

When there is none other to call, one can always Call on Jesus! Rev. C.L. Wallace, and The Pilgrim Rest Worship and Fine Arts Ministry in Dallas, Texas sing Call On Jesus!

Black Pastors Speaking Truth to Power

The Dallas Morning News featured this piece by Shawn Williams of The Dallas South Blog on Black Pastors Speaking Truth to Power!

The Dallas Morning Open Editorial -Black Pastors Speaking Truth to Power

Rev. Jeremiah Wright

The Rev. Jeremiah Wright may have many detractors in the media, but he is also supported by many black preachers. We are including several articles where prominent ministers are defending Rev. Jeremiah Wright! Rev. Frederick D. Haynes of Dallas, Texas counts Pastor Jeremiah Wright as one of his mentors. Rev. Haynes is an incredible preacher that is becoming a household name amongst those who study The Black Church!

Star-Telegram Article on Rev. Jeremiah Wright 

Washington Post Article on Rev. Jeremiah Wright 

Dallas News Article Brite Divinity School Still Plans to Honor Rev. Jeremiah Wright

Local Black Clergy Defend Message 


Apostle Richard Henton

Apostle Richard Henton preaching in Dallas,Texas!