Evangelist Carolyn Showell!

Evangelist Carolyn Showell preaches with power in this clip!

Pentecostal and Proud of It!

       I am pentecostal and proud of it! Yes I believe in worshipping God with all that I have in me. I am a spirit-filled believer and I am proud of it. I am no longer concerned by the people that pass judgement on our national church, The Church of God in Christ or many of those who are of other pentecostal reformations. Yes we may be emotional, but we also know how it feels to bask in the presence of God. Yes I have seen scores of people healed right in the midst of a jubilant praise service. I am pentecostal and I am proud about it. No longer are pentecostals relegated to the shadows of Christiandom but now we are moving to the forefront of the Christian Faith. Christianity is experiencing it’s greatest growth in pentecostal circles.

Enjoy Cooper Temple Church of God in Christ’s Jump and Wave Praise! I am of the opinion that a praise service should not be filled with a bunch of stuffy saints that can scream at the top of their lungs at a sporting event, but stay reserved in their praising of a God that saved their souls from death!