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  1. Dear beloved in Christ,Evangelist Carolyn
    While surfing in the internet ,I came across your contact.Iam a pastor based in Kenya,East Africa.My church is working on the ministry shedule this year.Thus I find it good to contact you despite your tight schedule as indicated in the website to come and minister in my church and in the non-denominational meetings organised by me.You can choose the dates of your own at this juncture and then let me know so that we may fix you.Our ministry is committed to reaching men,women,youths and children.We do this through conferences,retreads,seminars ,crusades etc.
    I believe it is God that has led me to your contact and thus He has special purpose for doing that.God never makes mistakes.We are surely praying for you and your ministries.
    I await your positive response and also to know more about you and your ministry.
    In Jesus love,
    Pastor Albert Waswa
    Mission To The World Ministries
    Kenya ,East Africa
    +254 725 509 252

  2. Rev Showell , every year when my pastors go on vacation you fill in the gap. Im a member of Ebenezer
    in Ft. Washington . I thought I heard somewhere that you were the co pastor at a church in Baltimore and I was searching for the name and location of it in hopes of visiting. But I have had no luck in finding it. Can you email the info please.

    YBIC Vincent K. Smith

  3. I would like to know how to contact dr. showell, to possibly set a speaking engagement up. How cani contact her

    • i would like to please have Dr Carolyn Showell’s
      contact info.email or phone will be fine.i am also
      Apostolic and love her ministry.also i have seen
      and heard her online many times.
      thank you for any info you may send me.
      Blessings in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

      Peggy Kight

  4. Dr. Carolyn Showell of the First. Apostolic Church of Baltimore , MD

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