Walking Alone vs. Running With the Crowd?

Walking Alone vs. Running With the Crowd? There is a destiny call in the lives of those of us who call ourselves Christians, where from time to time we need to make bold decisions to walk alone while others get the chance to not only walk, but run with the crowd. Are you bold enough to walk alone, if God calls you to make a bold stance? When others start to shun you, will you be able to muster the resolve to keep on moving with the things of God? The old singer once said I’m Happy With Jesus Alone, can you be happy with Jesus alone?

While others enjoy the company of the crowd, enjoy the process time that you are going through. Large crowds can never follow you into a real kairos(Special) moment! Your destiny moment will never come if you are totally dependent on that moment coming with all of your friends present! A rocket will never lift until it releases some of its initial weight! Isn’t that a word? Don’t head for the bridge when it seems that you have to walk alone. Walking alone is a distinguishing characteristic of many in the Hall of Faith. Can you stand to walk alone?

Respectfully Submitted,

Pastor Stephen F. Smith