Do Women Have the Right to Preach?

Do Women Have the Right to Preach? I don’t have a problem with female preachers and just saying that causes one to experience some of the greatest onslaughts that one can find. God has many anointed ladies that can preach and teach as good as most men. Typically, women are prepared in their messages and less likely than most men to wing it. It is time out for Solidiers in the Army of the Lord to be targeted by friendly fire! Isn’t it amazing that there are churches that will not allow women to speak from the pulpit, yet they will allow sinful politicians that are not living anything to speak from these same pulpits each election season? Things that make you say Hmm! Would the church be the same without the input of women?


Are You a Soldier in the Army?

Are you a soldier in the army of the Lord, or are you a reservist? How many saints of today are on active duty? We are in a real war. Are the saints prepared for battle or are we waiting for our tour of duty to end?